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Forever Soles our story

The idea for Forever Soles began when I was planning my own wedding in 2011. My wedding was in a rainforest and on a beach, so it was impossible to find shoes to suit the occasion. I wanted comfort and style and something to remind me of my home by the sea. I couldn't face wearing delicate satin stilettos and be wobbling around outdoors. Especially because I knew I had to be in my shoes for over 9 hours! I decided to buy a pair of espadrille wedges and embellish them. They turned out perfect and were super comfortable. I could run around on the beach, they gave me a nice amount of height in my gown and I danced all night without taking them off.

I always aspire to achieve comfort, style and versatility in every pair of shoes that are designed. My goal is to ensure our brides can enjoy the beautiful moment, be carefree and can dance the night away on their wedding without thinking twice about sore feet. 

Forever Soles is about finding your lifetime partner, being comfortable as who you are and feeling naturally beautiful on your big day. It’s about staying true to yourself and having complete freedom as you begin your journey with your soul mate.

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To have survived the first few years of a new marriage where my husband Phil worked away. When he arrived home, we moved in almost immediately with my parents. Not into their granny flat or a holiday house but really, right smack bang in with them, our bedrooms just feet apart. I poured everything I had into starting Forever Soles and with Phil spending a lot of time away with work, it wasn’t exactly the dream!

Unlike the surety with which I married my man, I spent many moments filled with doubt over the choice I had made. I roped my whole family into my vision. My dad building bridal fair displays, my mum packing orders, and poor husband, spending his few spare hours with a needle and thread in hand helping me delicately sew shoe embellishments. 

We were in deep and no matter what I wanted to make this business work, for my family and for the brides who I felt may have the same struggle as me. I knew I was passionate about what I was creating and I really felt there was a need for it, so I pushed forward. 

 Our Heart of Gold collection

Almost 6 years later, life has improved! We have a little 4 year old daughter and a new baby boy. The business has grown and from the positive feedback we receive daily from our brides, I feel the purpose of creating comfortable, versatile and stylish wedding shoes is being achieved.

Beside from the practical reason for starting Forever Soles, I realised this business means more to me than just creating shoes. The reason I really care about this is because I truly believe that the occasion of marriage is one of the most incredible times in a person’s life. To meet someone that wants to share their life with you... wow... it is the most precious thing in the whole world.

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After the experience of my own wedding and marrying Phil (a partner who is better than I could have ever dreamed) I realised how important commitment is and how special the day is to a couple. I wanted to share my devotion to love and dedicate my time to helping brides experience the happiness of this event. I know I can say this to you guys, because you are all loved up right now! Marriage is something I hugely believe in and anything I can do to help the process and planning go as smoothly as possible is my passion.

I am so grateful to be in a position today where I can look back at the craziness of the beginning with a feeling of lightness, laughter and nostalgia. The achievement and deep sense of fulfilment that I have with connecting with all of you wonderful women on your incredible journey's of love. The joy I have felt in connecting with people over something as momentous and romantic as a wedding day is an honour I don’t take lightly.

And to top it all off, now together we are giving back to numerous charities and contributing to a greater purpose.

When I first started designing a pair of shoes, I was concerned because I didn’t have any experience with making shoes and the process involved with production. I just knew what I was comfortable wearing and wanted to share those designs with other people.

What caught me off guard was by making shoes and helping others get exactly what they want for their wedding actually changed the quality of my life. I listened to what brides were asking for and combined the features into the shoes.

Our shoes have graced the catwalks of Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and more. The products have been worn on Camilla's runways, private yacht parties and weddings from all over the world. They have adorned the soles of celebrities such as Carmen Electra and Melissa Ambrosini and covered the pages of a variety of leading bridal and fashion magazines.

But the REAL benefit has been the fulfilment I get when I see the wedding photos or feedback from our brides. I still get teary when I have the opportunity to see these precious moments between couples.

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