Posted: Mar 07 2018

With a growing number of customers in the US, and our endless love affair with the California bride, for our vendor spotlight this month, we wanted to get to know a brand we admire on the other side of the world!

En Blanc is redefining the way a modern bride chooses her gown by offering private bridal gown consultations, all in the privacy and comfort of her own space. No traffic, no sharing your time with other brides, no used vacation days, everything at your convenience! From start to finish, their traveling stylists and hand-delivered gown consultations offer a fresh and unique way to pick “the one” with your girls.

We got to talk to Bridget, who is the fellow #girlboss behind this innovative venture.

Anna Campbell

Tell us about your boutique:
En Blanc is actually a bridal concierge service, not a boutique.  We offer a new and innovative service and bring our brides an experience like no other.  Our brides can choose their dresses and book their appointments online, and at the time of her consultation, we'll bring to her the dresses she's selected plus a few others we might recommend, all our veil and accessory options, all the necessities for a successful consultation, bubbles or wine for her group and a few other treats as a surprise. Our traveling stylists will spend up to 2 hours one-on-one with our brides and her group only to make sure that she is offered a fun an intimate time while chasing her special gown!

 Real bride home consultation with En Blanc
 Bridget Doory of En Blanc

Who are the creative masterminds behind the beautiful store?  
Bridget Doory is the the owner and boss lady of En Blanc, the service redesigning the bridal gown experience in LA. Born in New Orleans, raised in Maryland and loving life in California, she’s seen a vast spectrum of different types of brides but one thing remains consistent with all her brides, and that’s how important the moment is when she finds her gown. After beginning her career in fashion, Bridget left to pursue a successful path ​on commodity trade floors knowing that she would one day go back and pursue her dream to style brides for their special day. The ​gown ​collection she’s bringing coastal California brides is carefully chosen by her traveled eye, graceful style and appreciation for effortless beauty.

Bridget and her team at En Blanc recognise that a bride deserves a personally designed experience when finding the dress of her dreams and they’re providing the only way to bring that to them.  

One Day Bridal

What will your customers most love about their experience with you?
This experience removes any stressors that LA brides often encounter while searching for her dress. These can include traffic, sharing her time with other brides, not being an a comfortable environment, etc. This service takes away any stressors related to this process and leaves her with a Fun, intimate and stress-free time with her and her girls.

Karen Willis Holmes

What makes this store one of the best in the bridal industry?
We are redesigning how women shop for their bridal gown and bringing a concierge experience that no one else offers.

One Day Bridal

What keeps you passionate about brides and weddings?
I love this job because it combines two of my favourite loves. A love for fashion and a love for love.  There's no better feeling in the world than seeing our brides find her "one" and see all the beautiful emotions she has during the experience.  Gets us every time!

Anna Campbell

How can brides find you and book an appointment?
Our brides can go on our website www.enblancla.com and she can book there after she's selected her gowns.

 Anna Campbell




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