Behind the Scenes; Forever Soles meets Coconut and Lime. from Carly Frankham on Vimeo.
 The collection consists of four barefoot sandal styles and one anklet style. 
THE OCEAN'S SONG BAREFOOT SANDALS: A crochet barefoot sandal with shells, wooden beads and silver bells.
THE OCEANIA ANKLETS: Ivory crochet anklets.
THE FLOWER OF LIFE BAREFOOT SANDALS: Purple beaded Tie up strings with a silver flower of life symbol.
THE LUNA LIGHT BAREFOOT SANDALS: Silver, crystal and shell barefoot sandals. 
WANDERLOVE BAREFOOT SANDALS: Leather plaited barefoot sandals with wooden beads, silver charms and tassels.
The collection will be available online from TODAY exclusively on the Forever Soles website.

The biggest thank you also to the talented Ellie Landford for shooting this collaboration and also Carly Frankham for capturing our story along the way. We hope you like it!
Dresses: Spell Designs. 
Feather Head Piece: Addax Feathers
Hand Jewellery: Samantha Wills
Temporary tattoos: Glo Tatts (available in our store here).