We're are excited to show you these amazing photos from the wedding of one of our brides, Emma. We also got to chat with her a bit to answer a few interview questions!

1. What is one word that would best describe your wedding? Beautiful
2. What is the most amazing thing about your man?  He is one of a kind, and he has the most beautiful heart and soul. He is my absolute rock, and the patience, love and support he has shown me could never be matched by anyone.
3. What was the most challenging part of organising a weddingOrganising an entire wedding  without a wedding planner was challenging- I didn't realise how much of a big job it would be  to get everything/ everyone to come together for the day!
4. Any funny moments? During the ceremony, my fingers had swollen (due to heat or nervousness, I'm not sure!) and my husband couldn't get the wedding ring on my finger. We had to call on a guest to provide some lip balm to put on my finger to slide the ring on!  There was also a funny moment when a horse on our photo shoot decided my bouquet looked tasty and tried to take a big bite- luckily he did't succeed!
5. What was your aisle song? 1000 years by Christine Perri. 
6. What is one scene- in the wedding that will forever be in your memory? Reading my own written vows to my husband, and listening to his in return - both of us were teary! It was such a special moment that I will always cherish.
7. How was your experience as a Forever Soles bride? Amazing- I absolutely love my shoes, and my experience was fantastic- Forever Soles was excellent with communication and worked with me to create the perfect embellishment for my shoes.
8. Has anything changed in your relationship with your husband now that you are a wife? Nothing has changed except my last name- my husband and I are the best of friends and would go to the end of the earth for each other.
9. How has your first few months of marriage been? Is it as hard as people say? Our first few months  of married life have been special, and it has been great to wind down after the madness of organising a weddingWe have a few big things coming up that we are both very exited about-the only difficult thing has been remembering to sign everything with my new last name, and to remember to introduce my hubby as my husband rather than fiancee! 
Photo: Studio Impressions
Flowers: White Ivy Design
Stylist: Sugar and Spice Events
Dress : Bertossi Brides