On my Wedding day I wore the Enchanted Barefoot Sandals in silver, they were, in every sense of the word, perfect, they made my outfit. They suited our beach wedding, they were comfortable and the perfect fit with the adjustable chain which Angie happily cut to size. I can not thank you enough for creating such beautiful pieces and making my feet look AMAZING!! 
--Alicia Bailey
Chit Chat with the Bride
Was your wedding day everything you had hoped for?
 We were so grateful to everyone who travelled to be a part of our day it made it so much more perfect and exactly what we hoped for it was relaxed and we were surrounded by people who mean a lot to us.
What is the most amazing thing about your man?
There are so many amazing things about him but  I love how he is my best friend, he knows everything about me and still loves me as much as I do him.
Was it carefree and easy getting married in Fiji or were there hurdles you had to face with organising everything? 
I was a little worried when the planning started really only having email to communicate with and as anyone who has been to Fiji knows how 'Fiji Time' can be a hurdle, I just left it in the hands of the coordinator she knew what we liked and wanted and it all came together. Fiji is the most amazing destination and the Fijians are beautiful people who went above and beyond to make our day perfect.
Any funny moments?
As we were getting photos on the waters edge I thought it would be funny to push Matt into the water only to be taken down and us both ending up underwater, it was a good laugh and the photos are awesome.
What was your aisle song?
We had a beautiful Fijian string band playing along with two Fijian women singing, it was magical.
Has anything changed in your relationship with your husband now that you are a wife?
 The love and appreciation for each other is so much stronger when you choose to spend your life with that one person who makes you the best version of yourself. Nothing in a sense has changed but more so grows everyday.
How was your experience as a Forever Soles bride?
 My experience, what can I say it was amazing, its not very often a bride is more excited about her shoes than her dress. I took every opportunity I could to show off my beautiful Forever Soles Barefoot sandals. They were perfect and I can not thank you enough for making my outfit complete.