The word I would use to describe my wedding: “Dreamy”. Because for us and our girls, it was one come true. Which is why we incorporated that in to our theme for the day❤️



The most amazing thing about Michael is his sense of humour, and strong sense of family. What originally attracted me to him, more then his ability to draw out a kind of laugh only he could get out of me, was seeing how close and loyal he was to  the people he surrounded himself in life. And as 10 years have gone by and we have made our own family, seeing how he prioritises the girls and I, how he places being a father as his number one accomplishment, and doing it right as his number one goal in life, just make me love and appreciate him even more❤️


The most challenging part about organising a wedding; I wish I took this advice more. I wish I had remembered that’s it is not about anyone else. Not to get so hung up and strung out on doing things to make people’s lives easier or experiences perfect or caring so much about what people thought. At the end of the big day, you remember the love. That’s what your there to make official and celebrate between two people. Not the 70 people witnessing their love. 


There were a few funny moments, like when Michael thought he lost the rings for about 10minutes because the photographer took them for some photos when he wasn’t looking, but instead of panicking his friend insisted he have a beer first. Or just in general on the  D Floor. But funniest moment of the day goes to when “Time of My Life”  came on and we decided (having no experience with professional dancing and very inebriated) to do the dirty dancing lift. Unfortunately/fortunately the photographers had gone home by then and no one was quick enough to record it.  But it was epic!... even if it was an epic failure😝 we will be laughing about that for years to come. 


Our aisle song was Foo Fighters - Everlong acoustic version.
The one part of the wedding I will forever remover and will be special is the First Look. Instead of having me walk up to meet Michael, same as I would down the isle, we wanted something different. So I got Michaels mum and sister, the other important women in his life, to walk him up to my daughters and I blindfolded and “give him away”. A role reversal as such. But super special, emotional and intimate moment before we exchanged vows. And as soon as I saw him walking towards me all the anxiety I had about the day being perfect melted away, a wave of contentment washed over me and everything from that moment was a dream💗


As a Forever Soles bride I loved the freedom of being able to take my Heels off and still feel bohemian glam. My dress had a front slit so I decided I needed something a little bit extra that was stylish, artsy, elegant, unique and decorative. I wish I found the store sooner. All the anklets from Forever Soles were perfect. I ordered them 2 weeks before the big day worrying it might not be enough time, and they came through two days later. Plus, I thought the Silver Journey Barefoot Sandals tied in so well with the whole look. And had so many comments about how gorgeous and clever they were as the night went on and the shoes came off... 

Bride/Bridesmaid and flower girls;
Wedding Dress and shoes - Grace Loves Lace 
Veil - Made with Love
Bridal parties Headpieces and other jewellery done by my sister and myself, my sister has started a little online store - Dazed and Dreaming
Bridesmaids/grooms women dresses - Chiffon Boutique 
Flower girls dresses - Tea Princess 
Hair - Styled by Hollywood Hair, Coloured by Jess @ GG Style Studio in Brisbane, and clip in extensions bought online from Zala
Makeup - Linneah Dano Makeup
Groom & Groomsmen;
Wedding band - Etsy store: Rings by Pristine (its black onyx with wooden whisky barrel inside😍)
Grooms attire - Politix
Groomsmen attire - Myers Menswear 
Wooden Bow ties and Suspenders - Wood&Beau 
Shoes - Wild Rhino
Celebrant - Annie Molenaar
Photographer - Bulb Creative
Videographer - ITZ studios
Florist - Veronica Jo Flowers
Tables and pre-reception outdoor furniture/games - Secret Weddings Hire
Dreamcatcher decorations, bridal table backdrops, and 60 Favors - done by myself and mother in law.
Wooden signs - Wooden Signs Australia
Photobooth - Insta Kombi
Cake - Sweet Melissa’s Cakes 
Accomodation- Cedar Creek Lodges.