My husbands name is Menno and we have two sweet little children: Sia (4) & Otis (2). They were one year younger when we got married last year. We celebrated our love the weekend of 14-15-16 july 2017 at a Dutch Cherry Farm. All our closest family and friends stayed there the entire weekend in the farms hotelrooms and on saturday other guest joined us to have a big party and they stayed the night on a one-day-campsite by the lake to have breakfast on sunday. 
The ceremony was just so emotional, it was so much more special then we’ve dreamed of! Elske deWall is a Dutch singer who has the most beautiful voice to sing acoustic and play guitar to My Girl from Otis Redding when me, my dad, my daughter & godchild Benthe (8 at the time) walked down the aisle. She also sang New Shoes from Paolo Nutini when my husband came to the wedding island with a Dutch ‘bakfiets’ (cargobike :) filled with little boys: Otis, Ruben, Guus & Max.
During the ceremony she sang her own beautiful song ‘Come see the and in me’. After we had said yes she sang another of her own songs: Sunny Day.
I got my dress at the Honeymoonshop in Rotterdam and was made by a Dutch brand called Ladybird. 
The beautiful pictures were taken by the sweet and very talented Dutch photographers Raisa (Raisa Zwart Photography) & Yaira (Studio Phylicia). 
Emil Florisse (Florisse Creation) also spend the whole weekend with us with his videocamera’s & drones and made a super cool wedding movie! 
Saray did my hear & make up (she ownes Love my Wedding in Utrecht) and made sure I felt at ease and wasn’t able to take the smile of my face 😊
Catering was taken care of by “Vijf Broden en Twee Vissen” (five breads and rwo fishes haha) from Amsterdam.  
It was such a wonderful wonderful weekend, we think about it a lot and so do our guest! Lovely memories to take with us for a lifetime 😍
And with we couldn’t have made happen without the help of our dear friends Manon & Frederik and my sister Sonja.