A magical wedding at Clarkes Beach
November 9, 2014
" My darling bridesmaids adored their anklets, and I will never forget the feeling of soft sand under my feet and the gentle jangle of bells as I wed my love under the big blue sky :-)
It was a truly beautiful day, and made all the more special thanks to you. Thank you for creating such pretty things, that in turn create such precious memories!"
                                                                               -Victoria & Owen
We had a little chitchat with with the lovely Victoria, too!
1. What is one word that would best describe your wedding?
Magical x

2. What is the most amazing thing about your man?
Owen's simultaneously so strong yet so gentle. We are like yin and yang - I'm deeply emotional, he's totally rational - I think we are constantly teaching each other little life lessons. Being with him feels like home, he brings me back into the moment.

3. What was the most challenging part of organising a wedding?
The hardest part was life's curveballs. My beautiful Dad had a cancer relapse two months before the wedding, and it was completely touch and go as to whether he would make it on the day. I feel so blessed he was there, but it was so hard to keep my head on straight with so much going on emotionally. You just do what you can and trust that it will all come together...

4. Any funny moments?
About an hour before the wedding, we had a call from the wonderful Byron Bay Prop Shop folks to say that the beach had a minor flood overnight right where we were planning to set up, and that we had to move the aisle almost a kilometre down the beach. Everyone looked at me in expectant horror thinking somehow the day would be ruined, but we'd had such a blissful morning and I was so chilled that it really didn't matter. We only had a few late guests, which isn't worth stressing about in the grand scheme of things.

5. What was your aisle song?
Our Song, by the XX -- performed live by The FireTree

6. What is one scene in the wedding that will forever be in your memory?
I will forever treasure the memory of walking onto the beach with my dad - we'd organised for a beach buggy so that he wouldn't have to walk, but he was adamant that he would walk me down the sandy aisle. We were both flooded with happy tears as we stepped past the dunes and looked out to all of our wonderful friends and family, and Owen beaming up at us. It was a sensory overload, a beautiful blur of sky blues and turquoise seas and pale white sands, and my Dad's beautiful blue eyes welling with happiness. He passed away earlier this year, but he was so proud to give me away to the man I adore so much.

7. How was your experience as aForever Soles bride? 
My besties were my bridesmaids, and they adored the process of picking out their own unique anklets as keepsakes. I will never forget the feeling of soft sand under my feet and the gentle jangle of bells as I wed my love under the big blue sky. 

8. Has anything changed in your relationship with your husband now that you are a wife?
We hire a cleaner now ;-)

9. How has your first few months of marriage been? Is it as hard as people say?
No way! It's all totally normal, and yet so totally special. Words can't describe the bond. The novelty of calling each other husband and wife hasn't worn off yet. Life is good. x