I have never been able to wear heels for an entire day and night ever until I wore these shoes. They were so insanely comfortable. I also wanted shoes with a low heel and it was almost impossible to find a nice modern looking pair until I came across this brand. Skye

My experience as a Forever Soles Bride was magical ! I absolutely loved every minute and wish I could do it all over again. Danielle.

Since the day we got engaged I had always wanted to wear Forever Soles - my best friend Danielle can attest to this! I couldn’t believe it when I was trying on my dress at the Rue de Seine flagship store because they had Forever Soles heels in the changing rooms - it was just meant to be! Angie is so amazing and helpful - my original heels were too small and I had to return them. She made sure my new heels were sent across the ditch straight away as I was only two weeks out from our wedding day! Sammi 

The Daydreamer Sandals felt like a cloud under my feet and they held up the entire day. They were even easy to run in through a field of sagebrush during photos. Angie was also amazing with her customer service and keeping me up to date on shipping as needed. Jess

Originally, I wasn’t going to buy shoes – I had always just imagined myself barefoot on the day of my wedding. But after stumbling upon the brand, how couldn’t I buy them?! I was a little worried purchasing shoes from another continent so late in the game, especially with all the delays as a result of Covid, but Angie made the whole experience effortless. Stephanie 

My experience as a Forever Soles Bride was fantastic. I knew that I didn't want a "classic" bridal shoe, and finding a unique bridal shoe line was very difficult. Also, I'm almost 6 feet tall so I wanted to find a cute flat. As soon as I saw the Our World Flat I knew it was the perfect sandal to complete my look. Brooke.

I felt so beautiful in Forever Soles barefoot sandals, and celebrated and honoured and me! Kim


My experience with Forever Soles was fantastic! I bought my shoes first and after that I received an email thanking me for my purchase, which was such a lovely email to get. I was really happy with the quick mail out and customer service so I bought my wedding clutch from Forever Soles too, which I love just as much as my shoes! My shoes were so comfortable, and they really did get a good workout from walking through the woods, to the beach and then dancing heaps at the reception! They are so comfortable and definitely lasted the distance. Michelle.


I spent hours searching the net for gorgeous freshwater pearl anklets to dress up my plain heels. I’m so grateful Forever Soles had the perfect anklets which were also affordable. My delivery arrived so quickly, too! After the formalities, I kicked my heels off and was able to dance the night away holding my dress up to show off my gorgeous anklets. I scored plenty of compliments and have had some girlfriends ask to borrow them already! Jayme


The best shoes ever. Loved it. Didn't feel anything, just like walking barefoot. I only took them of for the second part of the dance, because the music was so gypsy and folklore greek. And the anklets matched perfect to the dress. So happy that I got almost the last pair, because I remember it was the last pair online in my size. Maria


My shoes were absolutely amazing! They were the perfect fit for my dress and so unbelievably comfortable too! I wore them all day and was able to navigate lawn games, walk the bush land at sunset and comfortably dance the night away in them. I have worn them to several events since too and guarantee compliments when I wear them out. Danielle.


I just adored the shoes and anklets, and no matter how hard I tried to find something in person, I couldn't get them out of my mind. They complimented the theme so perfectly, and Angie was so lovely to deal with. I was nervous about ordering online, but she made the process smooth and easy. Christina.


I wore the Daydreamer sandal in Ivory and bought the Silver chain flat sandal in case I needed it for dancing but ended up wearing the daydreamer the whole night! For the ceremony I had on just the two Flora silver anklets and then for the reception I put on the daydreamer with the anklets. I also bought my mom the Cherish anklets gold which she wore for the ceremony. AND I can’t forget I had the shell beaded bridal beach clutch for the reception! Forever Soles, thank you so much for adding the best accessories to my wedding! Kristin.


I was on a search for comfort paired with simple elegance- and I got just that. The shoes and clutch paired perfectly with my dress and felt like walking on a cloud from start to finish of the day. We even took a little hike in them to get to one of our photo locations! I loved the barefoot shoe accent with the heel to give it a unique flare- I saw this on Forever Soles Instagram with another set and knew I had to re-create that look. Alyssa.


I danced the whole night away in my Peace and Love heels. They are the comfiest pair of heels I own and so beautiful! When I was trying my dress on at Bohemian Brides I saw the heels and immediately knew they were the ones I was going to wear. As soon as I put them on they were so comfy and I couldn't find another pair that even came close to them. Brittany.


I did a girls hair for her wedding and she had forever soles foot jewels on and I loved them! She told me where to get them from and I just had to have some so I could wear them with my shoes but also where them without my shoes when I was walking around on the grass after the ceremony. So many choices, so beautiful, and when tagging @foreversoles they msgd me straight away to say thank you and hoping I had an amazing day which was so personal and lovely for them to do. It wasn’t a massive wedding with 200 people and expensive dresses or accessories and but it was personal and about Troy and I and I didn’t feel like I missed out in any way, I still felt like a princess being all dressed up for one day and all of those little things such as my beautiful foot jewels added up to the way I felt and made my day as good as it was. Tara


I wore the DayDreamer Sandal and it was the PERFECT heel for an outdoor wedding! It was also so comfortable as I was standing on my feet the whole day! I've been recommending Forever Soles to all brides that ask me about what shoes to get! Katie.


Honestly shoes were the hardest thing for me to find. I did not want any of the classic bride-shoes and it was very hard to find something I liked - in Italy brides are pretty traditional and wear off-white super classic shoes - so NOT my style. Adding that I am never really comfortable on heels, I wanted something easy to wear and when I found Forever Soles I was just so happy! I couldn’t decide myself between the Peace and Love Nude and the Daydreamer Ivory so… Gerard pushed me to buy them both :D I wore Peace and Love all day, and changed to Daydreamer for dancing - adding a Flora Armband to sparkle up the party! That also made a great gift for my witness Elena! Elisa.


I loved being a Forever Soles Bride. I always knew I wanted a boho vibe on my wedding day and really struggled to find a piece of jewellery that spoke to me, until I found the Flora armband and I just knew I HAD to wear that on my wedding day. Kate.


I knew I wanted the espadrilles as soon as I saw them. I thought they had sold out at one point but the rep I spoke to via Etsy informed me that more would be coming and to watch out for the link as it became available. It was not long before they were restocked and I snapped them up. They arrived only a few days later in beautiful, sustainable packaging. The classic simplicity of these shoes are just divine and I will treasure these very special beauties forever. Simone.


I am so happy that I am a Forever Soles Bride. I was very particular about the look I wanted for my wedding day and once I found the Daydreamer Sandal, I knew those would complete the look. Not only were they stunning but the quality of them was amazing. I wasn’t having to retie them at all and since they were a small heel I was comfortable in them for so much longer than I expected. I honestly thought I was going to have to change shoes as the reception started because my feet ache so easily but I was in them for almost the entire night! Jorey.


I think the most difficult part was choosing which pair of heels I wanted. They shipped perfectly to Germany and I’m very happy with the customer service and quick delivery. The heels themselves are SO comfortable. I wore them for around 12 hours on my wedding day and wore them again 2 weeks later for a friends wedding. I love how I can wear them over and over and I can mix and match them with the included ties and the barefoot sandals. Lindsay


I had the most wonderful experience with Forever Soles. I am an extremely picky person and very particular. Since my legs did show I wanted shoes that would be beautiful and fun. I am notorious and known for being barefoot, so Derrick always wanted me walking down the isle barefoot and that was always my plan. BUT I fell in love with two pairs, i figured i would walk down the eyes in the dreamy white heels, and party in my barefoot sandals. I got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS. I loved them! great quality. Ashley.


I was sitting at home on the couch at 3am very jet lagged after getting back from working in Europe and my maid of honour’s Mother in law had been diagnosed with breast cancer last year and I had just been speaking with her about it earlier that day and then I saw the Forever Soles instagram story about the breast cancer fundraiser. The shoes were my size, so beautiful, one of a kind and I thought they would be a perfect match for my dress. 
I’m not someone who often wears pink, so when I rang Mum and said “Mum I have just bought pink shoes for the wedding” she was very shocked. Haha. Jenna.


My experience with Forever Soles, from the moment I made contact (not even realising you guys are of Byron) was sensational.  Your customer service was so personal. I showed you my dress early on and you guys suggested some shoes for me.  Knowing that our ceremony was going to be on the beach, and that I am also not the most confident heel walker, my shoes were perfect.  I just recently wore them in the closing hours at my best friends wedding on the weekend (after we had all retired from heels for the night)
Thank you ladies for adding to our perfect day in paradise. Karissa.


Honestly Forever Soles was the easiest part of my wedding planning. I had come across the website before I even picked out my dress and I bookmarked it. Then once I had the dress figured out I knew where to go! So I picked up the world's most perfect comfortable shoe and it came quickly in the mail. It was so easy that my mom, who was struggling to find shoes for months, saw my shoe on a visit and decided to order from Forever Soles as well! We both got so many compliments on the wedding weekend! They were the only shoe I packed and I put different barefoot sandals on top for different outfits! Jen Beverelli


Real Bride wearing bridal flats

As soon as I saw your shoes I knew they were the ones!
So comfy, I danced the whole night away and they looked so pretty. 
Thank you Forever Soles! xo  Caitlyn. 


My experience was absolutely a dream! 
Being married on the beach I wanted to feel the sand between my toes. Forever Soles allowed this to happen with a touch of style. They where absolutely beautiful and so comfortable. That extra little special touch that I'm so glad I decided to buy. I loved wearing them! ❤ Amy. 

Real Bride Wedding in Greece

Loved my forever soles! Absolutely perfect choice for destination wedding! Danced the whole night away! Anita


Being a Forever Soles Bride was fabulous. It was the perfect boho touch to compliment my look, as well as a unique present for my mermaid gang! Jenna


Forever Soles shoes are the most comfortable and the service is amazing! Absolutely great! 
Simone Addison Photography


Thanks for the email, I can't wait to receive your shoes! I have hunted everywhere for something I like and just couldn't find anything anywhere, then I stumbled across your website and found exactly the style I was looking for, so thank you for creating such beautiful footwear.

I will definitely send you some pics of the day and I have now added you on instagram!
Have a great day
Aimee x 
Your products are absolutely stunning! When I opened my pair of barefoot sandals, I was taken away by the quality and beauty of the product. I will be leaving you a glowing review anywhere I can. Thank you so much, your company has completed my look for my wedding day and I couldn't be more pleased. -  Laura Turchi 


The kitten heels were the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn!!!! It felt like I didn’t even have shoes on!!! The best ever!! Thank you!! - Kempton Dunn
I received my shoes and I just wanted to thank you as they are amazing!
They are exactly the style that I wanted and they are so super comfortable.
I couldn’t find the exact shoes that I wanted for my wedding here in Holland, so I’m really happy that I found your website, your shoes are amazing! - Nyncke Wilbrink
Your store is amazing and I have searched for 12 months looking for the perfect flat sandals to wear with my wedding dress and you guys were the only place that stocked what I was looking for. - Elley Crone
Thank you so much :) I was so happy to find it. They’re such amazing shoes and so comfortable! - Jamie Nairn
I love all your products and hence have bought so much from you at forever soles! I’m getting married in a few weeks and myself and all my bridesmaids are wearing your foot jewellery for the wedding! - Jessica Bangert


I was over the moon that the last pair are so comfortable and actually fit my wide feet that I thought I would try another pair in hopes they might fit too. I struggle with regular shoe stores so much and you have made me so excited about finally having beautiful shoes for my wedding day. - Lacey


'Thought I'd share with you a few photos from our wedding day, where I wore your jewellery. I received so many compliments. Thank you so much x' - Jessica Graham 


'Hi Forever Soles team. I just wanted to send through a quick thank you for the most comfortable beautiful shoes that were everything i dreamed of.' - Jenny Dunstall

Wonderful experience! Everyone commented on how gorgeous my jewels and shoes were!! - Rachel Pinkerton

'Thank you so much for my beautiful footless sandals. They were perfect for my hens garden party last weekend. I got so many compliments on them. X' - Kylie Harris

'I purchased Forever Soles for myself and my 3 bridesmaids and we had so many people comment on them saying how unique and beautiful they were.  I even wore them through my entire reception and did my first dance in the! it was such a wonderful experience not having to worry about heels all day and just be comfortable.  I cant wait to find somewhere to wear them again in future' - Therasa Ewart 

'I just can't tell you enough how much my Forever Soles head chain completed my entire look for the day and was absolutely perfect and I am still in love with it!'- Emily Brookshaw

'I had been looking for nice, flat sandals for months and could never find anything. I wanted to wear flats so that I could be shorter than my husband on my wedding day. I came across the Forever Soles Instagram page and noticed they had bridal sandals. I ordered a pair nearly straight away and they arrived at the door within a few days. I tried them on and loved them. They are the comfiest shoes I own and went perfectly with the look I was going for!' - Amy Cochrane

'It was such a lovely touch to have these incredible jewels on my feet - they were so so beautiful!! They tied it in so well being a barefoot wedding and really finished the outfit. My only regret is taking them off!! I wanted to wear them all night and I should have instead of changing into heels which gave me blisters (not from Forever Soles of course)! I want to find another excuse to wear them because they really are so beautiful!' - Rochelle Ballinger

'My shoes brought my outfit to life! I fell in love with them!
Thank you for making beautiful pretty little things <3' - Mariah Monroe

'I came across Forever Soles on Instagram a few years ago. I knew as soon as I saw your barefoot sandals that I was going to wear them when I got married one day. They are so unique. When looking for my wedding shoes, I could not find any shoes that compared to the Peace and Love Sandals. Thank you Forever Soles for making my dream wedding shoes and barefoot sandals!' - Ashlee Hathaway

'Just thought I would share a few images from my Fiji wedding as I was a forever soles bride from head to toe! They were the perfect addition so thank you!' - Jessica Bogoevski

'Beautiful wedding shoes! I love my Peace and Love Sandals and cannot wait to wear them on my wedding day! Thank you Forever Soles' - Samantha S.

I have always loved being bare foot since I was young, so I loved feeling myself on my wedding day.. but also like a goddess with jewel-adorned feet... Just as every bride should on their day - feel totally themselves in their unveiled beauty, fully feminine, and all ready to meet their love waiting for them. Thank you again for the love you put into crafting your pieces of work' - Clara 

'A few pictures from our big day, where i wore your beautiful Stevie gold anklets. Thanks for the beautiful anklets!' - Helen Richardson 

'Really glad I got my sandals from you guys and my daughters. I had them bookmarked well before I had my dress!' - Chanelle Vaughan

 'I just wanted to say thank you so much for my beautiful wedding shoes. They were perfect in every way and I loved wearing them on the big day.' - Victoria Browne

'They were just stunning and a beautiful touch to the whole theme and ceremony' - Eloise 

'Big credit to you guys at Forever Soles. My arm and foot Jewellery really completed my outfit! And Angie was a sweet heart and made the arm piece specifically for me to match my barefoot shoes' - Sophia Gregoor

'Thought I would send a couple of pics from the wedding day wearing the 'Enchanted Anklets'. 

They made me feel so special and everyone commented on how stunning they are' - Julia 

'I recently purchased a pair of your Stevie Anklets to wear at my wedding. They were perfect for my Tasmanian beach wedding. 

Thank you, I absolutely loved them and even wore them over my wedge straps for the entire night' - Monique 

'Absolutely loved the Peace and Love shoes for my wedding, they were so comfy and looked amazing on too. Ange was a pleasure to work with.' - Abby A.

'Love them! I wore my Stevie anklet for my beach wedding and it was BEAUTIFUL. The perfect accent to add a little bling and an extra touch of boho elegance. I wore mine all night long on the dance floor and the after party!' -Molly S. 

Hi Angie, here are some pictures of the wedding, it was really the most beautiful day!Thank you again!


I recently purchased some of your beautiful sandals for my bridesmaids and myself. They were the perfect addition especially for a beach wedding. I had to return some as the sizing was not right and the service I received was fantastic the turn around was so quick. I would highly recommend forever soles! - Emma Williams. 


Hi Angie,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you! I got home late last night and your delivery was there! Thank you so much for this I am so very thankful for your time with me and will highly recommend you to all of my friends and family.

Thank you so much,


The flats came in. They are so perfect I could cry!!! Thank you times a million. 

Happy New Year, 

Rachel Braunwell


I just received my order and Oh My Goodness...They are perfect. The True Romance heels and the Ballet Flats are wonderful!! I can’t wait to wear these for my wedding. I might even have to order another pair for my shower or bachelorette party! 

Thank you so much!! Rachel 


I got these magnificent pieces of foot jewelry yesterday! Thank you very much! They are just as beautiful in person. I really love them!

 - Denise Robinson, United States 

Hi Angie,

I picked my armband up from the Post Office today, and love it so much!!
It is more beautiful in real life than I had imagined. 

Thank you for creating such beautiful jewellery.

Liz Hartley

I just thought I'd quickly let you know that I received my shoes today and I'm extremely relieved and happy to say, THEY FIT!! I love them! So happy with them.

Thank you so much for everything, I really appreciate it all.
Take care!! Kind regards,
Claire Sheppard.
Came in very quickly. They are so much prettier than the picture and the presentation was beautiful. Came in a nice cotton tote wrapped stylishly in tissue paper. Very impressed. My wedding party will be ordering all of their sandals from here!
Missmarca7, Etsy. 

Thank u so much, they seriously just finished off my whole look and I'm in love.

Lara Bird xoxo

OH WOW!!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to wear them at my wedding. Thank you!!

Jennifer Sanchez, Etsy sale.

Today I received custom made choker. It was beautifully packaged and I couldn't wait to open it. It is absolutely stunning and fits perfectly. Thank so much to Forever Soles for agreeing to my special request. I would recommend your service to everyone looking for something special.

Tracey Saunders

"Just a quick thank you! Got my shoes and they fit perfectly! I always have a hard time with shoes, always in between sizes. Finally found something perfect, that is totally my style. My dress is from Grace Loves Lace in QLD, and the dress and shoes compliment each other beautifully. I'll be sure to send you some pics from the day!

Now for some shoe bling from your site!"
Shari Ternacz
NSW, Australia.



The Shoes fit perfect and were totally comfortable! Didnt take them off until I got home!! Thank you for being apart of my amazing day and making me feel absolutely beautiful!"

Christine Martinez,



Hi Angie,
Absolutely loved the shoes, they we're just perfect! Hope you like the pictures and would be happy to recommend to any bride :)
Thanks so much again,
Claire Peake.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my shoes!  They are so perfect in every way.  I love them and can't wait to wear them. You are amazing, so thank you. I will definitely tell my friends all about you. Have a fantastic weekend :)”

Louise Michaels,

Queensland Australia.

“Hi Forever Soles! I have been meaning to message you. I received my shoes on Tuesday and they are perfect! Thank you so much! I will try to get some photos to you from the big day. 
Thanks again.”

Georgia Gourlay 

New South Wales, Australia.

“I just wanted to let you know that my shoes arrived safely and I love them!!!!”

Jodie Waters

New South Wales, Australia

Just wanted to say a big thank you for my beautiful anklets! Last year you custom made the enchanted anklets in gold for me, however, you weren't happy with them, and I got silver. Thank you so much for your lovely service! The silver ones were absolutely perfect. :)

Ally Godkin

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my shoes!  They are so perfect in every way.  I love them and can't wait to wear them. You are amazing, so thank you. I will definitely tell my friends all about you. Have a fantastic weekend :)”

Louise Michaels,

Queensland Australia.

“The shoes arrived today and they're just amazing. Exactly what I expected and fit perfect, thank you, THANK YOU, so much!”

Brooke Snelton, 

llinois, United States

These are beautiful! Exceeded my expectations. Cannot wait to wear them on my big day

Shani, Etsy sale. 

Just wanted to say thank you for my Ancient Dance Barefoot Sandals!  They made it on time and looked beautiful.  I have attached a few photos so you can see for yourselves!




I absolutely loved my wedding shoes and thought you might like a photo...They made it all the way over to Fiji!

Anna Hutchen.


Thank you for sending the new sandals, I can't wait to try them out. The photo was taken on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, at one of my favorite places on earth, El Matuy! 

Again, thanks for the replacement sandals, I will definitely be writing a positive review not only on the sandals, but customer service as well. 


Tracy P  

@ mamaleilani: Already having a family, two daughters of my own and our son together, we immediately knew that all we wanted on our special day was to be surrounded by our loved ones, with our children by our sides. We knew that we wanted something intimate and simple. What we didn’t know, was that I would pick a date and plan a wedding in SIX short weeks. We decided we would do a small ceremony with our immediate family only, on the beach of San Clemente, CA. I wish I had a sentimental story about our ceremony site, but the honest truth is that the inspiration all began with the shoes, which most inspirations are based around right?? I found this amazing pair of barefoot sandals by Forever Soles and had to have them in the sand. After that was set, I wanted the rest to be and look effortless. Having the talented Beijos gal, Leah, as a soon to be sister in law, the rest came easy. She was there every step of the way to make my visions come to life. Our ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect, with our children as our entire bridal party. I definitely had the cutest bridal party ever.


Thank you again so much for the beautiful pieces you did for my wedding! Received so many compliments, in particular on the stunning headpiece you created.

Angela Price, 

NSW Australia


I spent quiet a while hunting for shoes for our rustic elegant Balinese wedding & when I came across Forever Soles I was thrilled. Not only were they wedges- ideal for grass & sand, they suited our wedding style perfectly! I wanted to confirm my sizing so I contacted Forever Soles direct & Angie was kind enough to inform me with the sizing requirements! Postage was quick & they were even nicer in real life! Thank you Forever Soles for my gorgeous wedding shoes!" Carly
I just wanted to thank you so much for my barefoot sandals. I was so impressed with the quick delivery and most importantly the gorgeous product :)
I'll definitely be buying again off you in the future now my only problem is waiting for my wedding day to wear them! I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.
Kind regards
Renae Croxford,
QLD Australia. 

Hi Angie,

I just wanted to say a huge hello and thank you so much for my wedding shoes. They were perfect and so many people commented on how lovely they were and how comfortable they looked. I really do love my shoes so much.
So a massive thank you to you!
Louise Michaels.
Pics above by: Lou O'Brien.

“I wanted to thank you again for my amazing shoes you made me for my wedding. They were truly something special, that I would of never been able to find in a store anywhere. Not only did they look stunning, they provided so much comfort I was able to keep them on for the entire evening. The whole shopping process was a relaxed and stress free experience for me and I am constantly recommending you to all of my 'bride to be' friends. You have started something special and I wish you every success because you deserve it!

Forever Grateful,

Bianca Edwards xo" 

New South Wales, Australia.


I have my shoes!!! There freakin gorgeous :)

“Dear Forever Soles, 
Just got the shoes, They are beautiful and fit perfectly!!! I am so happy as it has been difficult to find a shoe this high and sturdy for my wedding as the service is outside in the grass. Thank you SO much! I am really happy with these.”

Maloof, Massachusetts,

United States.  

I received my anklets today and I LOVE THEM! :))) If I could I would wear them every day! :)

Many thanks also for being so kind!!!

“My amazingly gorgeous wedding shoes are here!! They fit perfectly and are so comfortable I could wear them all day! Forever Soles thank you!! :) They are perfect and beautiful; I may marry my shoes instead of my fiancé! I highly recommend Forever Soles. The best”.

Jen Hepburn 

Tasmania, Australia.  

“Hello, I received the barefoot sandals a while ago now and have been meaning to thank you. They are lovely! 
Thanks again.”

Hayley Vardy 

Western Australia

“I got my shoes!!! I absolutely love them thank you so much! The fit is perfect!” 
Amanda Daley

Missouri, United States 

“Hi Forever Soles, 
I just wanted to send you an e-mail to tell you that I received the Grace Espadrilles today. The shoes are beautiful, I absolutely love them!!!!! They are going to go so well with my bohemian style wedding dress! They fit perfect and are very comfortable.  Thank you so much for the amazing service and beautiful shoes.”

Cherie Giangrande  

New Jersey, United States.

“Thank you so much! I just got my shoes in today and now I am even more excited for my Hawaiian wedding!!”

Sara Lightfoot, Texas United States.


'Loved my shoes so much and will definitely be wearing them again and again!'
Abbie Wilson.

Thanks so much Angie. 
Thanks for my gorgeous, unique barefoot sandals- they were beyond perfect and matched our Bohemian style wedding on Stradbroke Island perfectly xxx

Chloe Read.


Just wanted to share our beautiful elopement with you, thank you so much for my beautiful anklets and i have used them so many times since our special day.

From Jeanette Dean.


Hello Forever Soles,

I loved my ivory gypsy wedge shoes for our wedding at the end of Dec, super comfy and they looked great with my very simple dress. 

Thank you ;)


Angie, I just received my shoes and they fit and I absolutely love the style and quality! Thank you very much.

Kylie Marshall, 


Hi, I just want to say that I got my shoes today and I absolutely loved them! 

They are gorgeous and delicate, simply perfect for my beach wedding! 
The size fits perfectly also! I am very happy with my purchase.
Will surely recommend and spread the word about your products.
Thank you! 
Best regards!
Larissa Orenga

Just wanted to let you know I received my shoes in the mail and they are absolutely beautiful. They are more stunning than I even could imagine from the pictures and they are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you and I can't wait to wear them on my wedding day!!

Ali, USA

I just want to say a huge thank you for going above and beyond - your assistance helped me greatly! I know I asked a lot of questions, but I really do appreciate you taking the time to find the perfect ones.

You have been a gem to work with. Thanks again!  

Alanah Craddock, Australia.

Hi Angie,
My shoes just arrived this morning, and I couldn't get into the packaging quick enough! Just wanted to write to say that I absolutely love them, they are even more perfect than I had imagined. Can't believe you guys have created something so beautiful!
Massive, massive thanks, and I'll make sure to send you some photos of their starring role in the big day :)


Thanks again sooo much they are beautiful! Was the best day and they were so comfy, they made my day perfect! Shelley McIntyre.  Australia.

“Thank you for my amazing wedding shoes!"

Jillian Angel-Smith xo" 

New South Wales, Australia.

"Just thought Id send through a photo from my wedding! It was amazing everyone loved the anklets!"

Bianca Kurianowicz, Australia.

For the reception, I took off my shoes and wore amazing barefoot sandals from Forever Soles to stick with the Boho theme. I wanted to feel grounded on my wedding day and feel the earth under my feet, plus I wanted to be able to dance my heart out.

Melissa Ambrosini

“Yay!!! I love them, they are exactly what I was picturing when I envisioned my wedding shoes! Thank you so much. You made my shoe dreams come true :)Thank you so much”.

Sharin Gruchala 
 Flagstaff, Arizona United States.  

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you for my beautiful Forever Soles wedding shoes. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect pair for the day. I had quite a long and unsteady pathway to walk down to the garden ceremony and in my shoes I didn’t stumble once – the heel was perfect for an outdoor wedding and the shoes were so comfy – particularly for the 2 hours I spent on the dance floor after dinner. Everyone commented how gorgeous they were – particularly the ladies at the bridal gown shop when I took them in to try on with the dress. Elegant, comfortable, practical and sparkly – the perfect shoe! Thanks so much,

Emma Collete" 

New South Wales, Australia.

“The shoes arrived this weekend in the Netherlands!! The are beautiful and fit perfectly!! Thank you for the perfect shoes and a lot of success with your future creations.”

Roos Van Berchum, The Netherlands.

“These shoes are gorgeous! They are very well made and you have paid great attention of finishing and details! Although I am in the other side of the world, it took only 10 days for the package to arrive! All in all, a great buy! Looking forward to wear them in my wedding this summer!"

Sonia Boufidou, The Netherlands. 

"Dear Forever Soles,  Words cannot express how gorgeous this piece is. The picture doesn't do it justice. I am so excited to wear it on my big day. Thanks it going to make it extra special".

Stephanie Cook.  AL, United States.

“Hi Forever Soles,

I just wanted to say I had my first dress fitting on Monday and the shoes are just amazing with the dress! They are beautiful, comfortable and even the girl at the wedding dress shop said she had never seen anything like them. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service, I'll be sure to send you some photos after the wedding in October. Thanks again, I absolutely love them - so glad I found you!”

Brodie Fleay,

St Kilda Victoria,