At Forever Soles, quality is important to us. We carefully check every chain, every jewel, every clasp, and every pair of shoes before it ships out to you.
We take full responsibility for breakages and faults and do everything we can to help by quickly resending or refunding our customers.
We know your wedding day is one special day to remember. We want to do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the products you are wearing.


We believe comfort is one of the highest priorities and we aim to provide a shoe that fits like it was made especially for you! 

We have added extra padding in the sole of shoe, but if you need more, gel cushions can enhance your level of comfort when wearing heels.
If your shoes feel too firm, consider leather stretch spray, which stretches leather shoes for lasting relief and comfort.
Always remember to protect your satin, suede and soft leather footwear with an appropriate protector before wear. Please use water and stain protectors. This is ideal for repelling water and stains.
Do not machine wash your Forever Soles footwear as this will cause serious damage.
If they get dirty, remove the excess dirt with light wet cloth or clean brush. If your shoes accidentally get wet on your special day, give them a quick clean and then stuff them with white tissue paper and allow them to dry naturally, away from a direct heat source. This will prevent the outer materials drying out in a bad shape and cracking.
For heeled products, check your heel tips. If your heel tips start to wear down, take them to a good shoe repair shop and have them replaced to avoid causing further damage to your shoes. When purchasing leather products from Forever Soles please remember that it is a natural product and some variations between pairs in terms of colour and finishes may occur.


Please treat your barefoot sandals, anklets and jewellery with gentle care. The gold and silver metals are an alloy based metal and not real silver and gold. The metals may fade in time but should shine up nicely with a jewellery cloth.

Avoid exposing metals to wet sand or water.
Salt will cause the metals to erode quickly, if you get your jewellery wet, rinse them under fresh water and towel dry immediately. This may help avoid damage.