After selling many pairs of shoes to our customers we feel the best way to select the right shoe size is to select the size you normally wear in similar shoes. We strongly advise to measure your foot (tips below) and then check the shoe inner sole length on the product page to ensure you are choosing the right size. Make sure you check out Angie's sizing videos on instagram for more help. 

5 35/36 3 220-227
6 37 4 228-235
7 38 5 236-244
8 39 6 245-252
9 40 7 253-260
10 41 8 261-269
11 42 9 270-277


The best way to find out your shoe size is to accurately measure your foot. You can do this by following these simple steps:

Place your foot on a blank sheet of paper standing with the edge of the paper hard up against a wall.

1. Mark down the front of your biggest toe and the back of your heel on the paper. Make sure you measure both feet and get the largest size.

2. Then measure the distance between the two points in mm
3. Compare this measurement to the Forever Soles size chart to find the right size for you. 
4. Make sure you check your measurements against the inner sole measurements listed on the product page. This will help you work out your perfect fit.
Shoe sizing image