MELODY - IVORY LEATHER PEARL FLOWER BRIDAL SHOESPearl flower bridal shoes with ivory leather. Melody ivory


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Pearl Flower Peep Toes Bridal Shoes. Melody SeashellPearl Flower Peep Toes Bridal Shoes. Melody Seashell


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Platform wedding shoes with pearl flowersPlatform wedding shoes with pearl flowers


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Ladies blue velvet bridal shoes. MoondanceLadies blue velvet bridal shoes. Moondance


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Find the Perfect Wedding High Heel Shoes in Australia

Comfort, style, and looks come together in our fabulous range of bridal high heel shoes and platform shoes for weddings! These elegant designs take you from dusk to dawn in cushiony comfort comparable to being in your slippers, only much more glamorous. Choose from 9-10cm open-toed, peep-toe, and closed-toe pumps and sandals, available in white, ivory, and a range of beautiful, unique colours....

Like your soulmate, these one-of-a-kind designs truly are forever. Start a new chapter in your life and experience what it’s like to be supported while enveloped in bliss and joy.

Securely buckled in place with slip-resistant soles, these are designed to be worn all day, letting you truly shine. Think of them as your own personal pedestals, putting your best self on display for the world to see.

Bridal High Strap Heels for Weddings

Shopping for high heel wedding shoes can be oh so tricky. Striking the balance between style and comfort is a little like finding the needle in the haystack – which is why we’ve delighted to make it that much easier for you!

Our unique options all feature block heels and ankle straps, with extra cushioning to give your feet all the love and support they need to carry you through magical moments. Supple, soft gold leather lining moulds to your foot and makes for slipper-like comfort. Paired with the cloud-like dual-layer cushioning built in, these pieces make it easy to spend all night on your toes. 

No matter if you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, guest, or partygoer, these elegant models boost your height and add effortless glamour and grace without leaving your feet sore and suffering. While we have plenty of white and ivory options to choose from, we also have a collection of colourful bridal shoes for those who want a flash of colour to set off their white ensemble.

Give yourself permission to be your most beautiful and radiant on the day. You deserve it.

Mid, Low, or High Heel Shoes for Weddings? 

While we have plenty of low and mid heel options available, a few extra centimetres is often an advantage that makes a world of difference. Suddenly, a floor-length gown becomes easier to glide down the aisle in. 

With our platform wedding shoes for brides, it also becomes a whole lot easier to kiss a newly married hubby, too. No matter how many times you’ve locked lips in the lead-up to your vows, there’s nothing quite like the intimacy you feel for each other on the big day – and one deep look into his eyes will tell you everything you need to know. 

If that all fits the dream of your ideal wedding day, you’re in luck. Pick out your favourite pair and prepare to make beautiful memories in them, across Australia and beyond.

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