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A wanderlust is a carefree dreamer who feels inspired and invigorated when she’s out of her comfort zone, navigating life by immersing herself in the world around her. If you’re a wanderlust at heart, it only makes sense you should be wanderlust bride. When a wedding is done and over, the one thing that couples and guests remember most is the experience. You could spend months, or years, curating stylistic choices and picking out the best flowers, cakes and hairstyles, but it’s all going to come down to the memories and the shared sentiments. If the most unforgettable times of your life have occurred travelling and exploring, maybe your big day should follow suit! Of course, deciding to fly off into the sunset for a wedding comes with considerations, such as budgets, guests lists and having a long-distance planning process, but don’t get caught up in expectations...
Are you a wanderlust bride? If this list makes you feel warm and fuzzy, then the answer is yes.
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For you it’s about experience instead of tradition. While your friends saved for nice cars and expensive things, every penny you put away brought you one step closer to your next destination. The vision of success that resonates most personally with you are those tranquil moments of life spent in awe and admiration over simplistic beauty — a morning coffee on a sandy beach, the bustling of a new city at dusk or reading a book at a café surrounded by chatter you can’t understand.


Your friends list spans oceans. The wanderlust soul has a profound curiousness for humanity, thrives off meeting new people and finds growth in cultural exchanges. When your out with friends, your “that” person who says things like, “Once, when I was Vienna I met a philosopher on...”


Your home and wardrobe has become an international collection of great finds on grand adventures. When people ask you where you got something, you’re likely to respond with a country instead of a store or brand.


Procrastination for you is checking flight prices and planning imaginary trips. You have a whole stash of dream itinerates, you know all the tricks for finding the best places at good rates and others often ask you where to stay or what’s worth seeing.

If you’re planning your wedding and you should be buying bridal magazines, but you’re at the newsstand and instead, you can’t stop flipping through traveler. Well, this is a sign! Marriage is a journey in and of itself, so why not celebrate it on a journey of its very own. 


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