Your wedding should be the most enjoyable day of your life. However, choosing the wrong shoes could do much more damage than you think.

Finding a shoe that matches the gown is just the beginning, keeps these tips in mind to ensure that dream like cinderella 'fit' moment when choosing your perfect wedding shoes. 


1. Comfort is EVERYTHING! 

Bear in mind that you will be wearing the shoes from early in the morning to some time late in the night. Shoes that don’t fit well will cause you a lot of pain, while loose shoes will be flopping on your foot. An ill fitting shoe can do much more damage than you think, heaven forbid they cause a horrible 'trip down the aisle situation'. Proper wedding shoes usually have additional padding to make them comfortable; so, don’t make the mistake of buying shoes that lack this padding. We are all about that comfort, we double pad all of our soles and line them in the softest, buttery leathers to ensure that cushion like fit!

Sense of wonder classic wedding shoe

Sense of Wonder Satin and Leather Ivory Wedges


2. Fabric or Leather?

Satin and silk are customarily the two most popular choices for wedding shoes. However, personal taste and your wedding dress style are going to influence the shoes you choose. There is something incredibly luxurious about slipping on a satin shoe to match that dream gown. You might want to think about choosing a shoe that will give you wear long beyond your wedding day? A nude leather shoe is going to match many different outfits. Our nude flats are a perfect honeymoon shoe option! 



3. Take the time to get the fit right

Your shoes and dress should both fit well. Order your wedding dress and your shoes early enough to give you time if you need any adjustments, especially if your dress is custom made. Having your shoes at each fitting will ensure your dress length is perfect! This will take a lot of stress off your back, and ensure that when the wedding day comes around, everything is as it should be. For more information on how to fit your shoes, visit our sizing page here.

white low heel wedding shoe

Forever Soles bride @katiemelisssa wearing our Daydreamer Heels


4. Flats or Heels?

Stick to what you are used to and comfortable in! If you are not used to high heels, don’t try them out on your wedding day, go for low heeled wedding shoes; this is not a day for experiments. Wedges or lower style heels are also a great option to ensure all day comfort. If you just can't bear the thought of not being in heels, why not try heels for the ceremony and either a pair of flats or barefoot sandals for the reception? 


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