A good change is coming (finally!) and we really owe it to our earth. We’re all becoming a little more eco-conscious these days and Forever Soles is committed to being part of the change! We are passionate about caring for our earth and giving back. Becoming a more eco-friendly company is hugely important to us and we are taking little steps towards making a difference. From using reusable bags instead of boxes, to incorporating more recyclable materials into our products, we believe in quality over quantity so this year, as you follow our journey, you will find out what steps we are taking towards this direction.


We are also very proud to be a part of i=change! We give back $1 from every purchase and you get to choose where it goes. Together we are impacting lives and it does not need to end here.


As a future bride, there are more ways that you can make a difference too! Worried an eco wedding is too much work? Don't be! Eco weddings don't have to be basic and boring. We are so excited about all the amazing styling opportunities going green have to offer. We understand it’s hard to be conscious consumer in the wedding world, but we have our favourite ideas on how you can reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing style on your big day.


Eco-friendly ethical flowers by The Naked Florist

You could try to grow your own flowers and greenery. Also taking clippings of greenery from your home, friends or relatives homes. For the ceremony, you could throw birdseed or flower petals instead of paper/plastic confetti.
If DIY is not your thing, it's also really exciting how more and more farmer-florists and florists who specialise in foraged florals are changing the game! We've recently discovered The Naked Florist online and fell in love with their work! They specialise in making memories without a footprint by providing an eco-friendly option of foraged and found flowers.  


Sustainable bridal designer Lenka Couture. Image by Lina Hayes.

Sustainable bridal designer Lenka Couture. Image by Sandra Henri Photography.
Think outside the box with choosing your gown. You can always buy a second hand dress from eBay, Gumtree or Facebook. We totally understand that it is your one special day and most brides need their dress to be their own. Another options is to have a dress made using sustainable or vintage fabrics. Even using your mother or grandmothers dress and revamping it to a modern look. A company that we have just recently discovered is Lenka Couture. It is Australia's first Ethical Clothing Australia accredited bridal label. It was born of a desire to reduce waste and create lasting positive change in the fashion industry by delivering couture bridal designs which don’t compromise on integrity. All about style with substance and creating conscious beauty. You can purchase a wedding dress without compromising the 'dress shopping' experience or the environment. 



Beautiful, bespoke, hand-made jewellery by Stephanie Grace Bridal.
With anything you purchase for your wedding, just ask the seller more about the company and how the products are made. It is important to do a bit of investigating if you care about the environment and what you use and wear.
One of the most expensive things you may ever wear is your engagement ring. The usual way we begin weddings is with the proposal and a beautiful engagement ring. With a little research, ethically sourced diamonds are available and incredibly stylish and unique. One of the best options to save on excess waste is to search around for an antique ring. This causes less demand for diamonds and you can find yourself something special and have it adjusted to suit you perfectly.
If you're looking for something unique and different, Stephanie Grace Bridal specialises in making wedding band sets and bridal party jewellery! Just look at how gorgeous that wooden ring box is! 

Non-toxic Nail Polish by Sienna Byron Bay.


On the lead up to your big day, keep to a beautiful healthy food plan. Use all natural beauty products and treat yourself to an all natural day spa where they promote and use environmentally friendly products. A brand we love that is from our very own home town is Sienna Byron Bay. They strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, with the start-to-finish of our production based in Australia to keep our carbon footprint low. All the components of the products are vegan and cruelty free- we source only the finest non-animal ingredients. Sienna nail polishes have the cleanest conventional formula on the market, with none of the typical toxic chemicals found in many other polishes. The formula used is a healthy and clean alternative, a strong value for the Sienna brand.

Zero waste caterer Dan the Man Cooking.
Imagine the amount of left overs at the end of a wedding! Buying locally is always going to reduce cost, waste and make it easier on the environment. Don't be afraid to ask your venue how they approach this issue, too! 
With a mission to be the first event catering company in Australia to provide zero waster functions for their clients, we can't begin to tell you how inspired we are by zero waste caterer, Dan the Man Cooking


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