A Romantic Bohemian Wedding: Lauryn & Matt's Dreamy Celebration


Photography by Creativa Weddings - Nick Senam

How was your experience as a Forever Soles bride?

Amazing! The shoes added an extra special touch and were so comfortable. All day our guests were asking to see the shoes as they were so gorgeous, I think they got more attention than the dress!

Which shoes did you wear for your wedding? What was your favourite thing about your shoes?

The Melody shoes. It was quite hard to find beautiful pearl shoes and these were so unique! They complimented my dress perfectly and were so comfortable. 

How did you and your husband meet?

We were housemates! I moved into a house with 2 housemates and after a few lockdowns and holidays, ended up with a husband.

How long have you been together and how did he propose?

About 4-5 years. He proposed on a long awaited trip to America where we visited Yosemite National Park. Knowing I would be mortified if he got down on one knee in front of a crowd, he took us to a quiet sequoia grove to pop the question.

What is the most amazing thing about your man?

He will always be his true self no matter what and allows me to do the same. Because of this we have so much fun and laughs together and are always going on new adventures.

How would you describe your wedding in one word?

Exciting! With so much work put into the day and a 22 month engagement we were just so happy the day finally came and it was the best to be surrounded by all our favourite people.

What is your favourite memory from your wedding?

Entering the reception! All the bridal photos and formalities that fell on us were almost over and we were so hyped! To walk in with all our people up waving their napkins to Gimme Gimme Gimme was the best. We were ready to party!

Where was your wedding located? What made you choose this location?

Adams Peak, Broke. We were always looking at getting married near the Hunter as we certainly enjoy our wine. This venue had it all and had a beautiful, relaxed country vibe and barn. We also loved the Highland Cows being there.

Who created your gorgeous gown?

Cizzy Bridal purchased from Newcastle bridal House

You're a wife now! How does it feel to finally tie the knot?

The best! Though not much has changed for us, we love being official and enjoy our evenings and weekends wedding planning free!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We haven't  been yet but we are heading to Malaysia, Turkey, Greece and a quick stop in Singapore on the way back :)

Any advice for our brides-to-be?

Weddings are about being with your beautiful guests and having the best time with them. Don't stress on the small things and don't break the bank just because your instagram feed is telling you. Focus on the things everyone can enjoy (food, booze, music etc) and you and your guests will have the night of their lives!


Creativa Weddings - Nick Senam; Dress: Cizzy Bridal purchased from Newcastle bridal House; Shoes: Forever Soles; Florist: Flowers with Tika; Venue: Adams Peak Country & Barn; Hair & make up: Blanc Hair studio

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