An Elegant Intimate Wedding: Elena & Ferran's Timeless Love Story


Photography by North Miles

How was your experience as a Forever Soles bride?

I bought the shoes through ETSY. Everything was perfect. 

Which shoes did you wear for your wedding? What was your favourite thing about your shoes?

The Honey Sandals in Blue. The colour and style. The blue was perfect and the shoes can be used in other events. The sandals we comfortable and made things easier through the day. 

How did you and your husband meet?

We met through a mutual friend eleven years ago in a pub. At the beginning things did not go as planned, but hard work did bring us together again. 

How long have you been together and how did he propose?

10 years. He proposed at home, our dog Mel brought me the ring. He prepared a fantastic dinner with candles and everything. I didn't expect it. 

What is the most amazing thing about your man?

He is patient and always wants to fight for our relationship. He always tried to understand my point of view. 

How would you describe your wedding in one word?

Unreal. I have no words to describe how that day was... everything happened too fast but I will always remember that I never stopped smiling even for a minute. 

What is your favourite memory from your wedding?

The moment I entered the alley and saw my husband waiting for me. 

Where was your wedding located? What made you choose this location?

It was at Can Macià, a vineyard. We chose that location because the surroundings were stunning and they helped us a lot with our crazy stuff. 

Who created your gorgeous gown?

Andrea Lalanza Atelier

You're a wife now! How does it feel to finally tie the knot?

Now I'm sad because I'll never be a bride again hahahahaha. I enjoyed that day a lot and I'm a little sad that it would never be repeated. 

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

To Bali and Lombok

Any advice for our brides-to-be?

Just enjoy the day! Everything happens so faaast that it seems almost like a dream. The time previous to the wedding surround yourself with people you love and people you know will make things easier, the fewer the people the best and just let you be, don't worry for the photos nor for anything else. 



North Miles; Shoes: Forever Soles; Dress: Andrea Lalanza Atelier Make-up and hair: Anais Boada; Hair accessory: Supertocadas; Bouquet: Amodiño Arte y Diseño Floral

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