Modern Romantic Bridal Style Inspiration

The romantic bridal style is making a comeback! Its whimsical nature evokes strong emotions, while its timeless nature will make sure the wedding style ages well. But the question remains: how does one create a timeless romantic bridal style that is relevant to modern aesthetics?

In today's guide, we cover everything about what a romantic bridal style is, to creating your timeless romantic bridal style from your wedding shoes, bridal shoes to your accessories.

What is a romantic bridal style?

The romantic bridal style is all about sweet, enchanting details and timeless yet whimsical details that evoke emotion. Romantic wedding dresses are often constructed of sheer fabric, lace, tulle, organza and chiffon, which creates a breathtaking look in a bride. 

However, you don't have to create romance with just your wedding gown. You can also exude romance with your wedding heels!

Satin wedding shoes, bridal shoes with bows and pearl details add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your overall romantic bridal style. 

When it comes to romantic bridal accessories, pearls come to mind. Here at Forever Soles, we love the symbolism of pearls, especially when it comes to creating romance for modern brides. Pearls symbolize purity, loyalty and innocence, which makes it the ultimate timeless essence of a romantic bridal look. 

So, in a nutshell, the romantic style can be described with these words:

  • Sophisticated
  • Grace
  • Romance
  • Whimsical
  • Timeless elegance

What does the Romantic Bridal Style look like?

Now that you know some words to describe the Romantic Bridal Style, it's time to conceptualize the timeless romantic style from head to toe. 

The romantic bridal look for modern brides can be characterized by soft, flowing garments that create movement. You will often see romantic dress to have floral patterns and wedding dresses with an hourglass sillhoettes. That is why you will often see sheer fabric, lace and elegant details when you search for "romantic wedding style" on Pinterest. 

 At its essence, a romantic bride is all about evoking the fairytale ever after and romance by going for a "less is more" approach. 

1. Flowing and billowy sleeves evoke romance

Romantic chiffon wedding dress Image from Christie Nicole Bridal

Romantic sleeves on wedding dress

Image from

Romantic statement wedding dress

 Forever Soles bride Hannah wears an off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a bow and floral details on her wedding gown.

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2. Sweet, enchanting feminine details

Next, the presence of sweet and enchanting feminine details help to create an airy, ethereal vibe in a bride that is the essence of a Romantic Bridal Style.

Some examples of these details include:

  • Flowers or floral details on dress, shoes or accessories
  • Sweet bows and ribbons on wedding dress or shoes
  • Delicate wedding gown materials: Frothy tulle, lace, chiffon or organza
Romantic bride with umbrella

Image from

Bow detail on wedding dress

 Image from 

Floral detail see through dress

Image from

Image from

3. A flattering silhouette that works for your body type

A common mistake when it comes to creating a Romantic Bridal style is blindly following trends online without understanding your body type. There's a reason why romantic A-lines and ball gowns in wedding dresses are timeless and the classic choice for brides. 

That's why there's no definitive answer to how a romantic style physically looks like. However, it should be an understated look with a flattering silhouette that screams romance without becoming kitsch. A romantic bridal style should drape over your body effortlessly while allowing your best features to shine. 

Forever Soles' Bride Alyssa

That's why there's no definitive answer to how a romantic style physically looks like. However, it should be an understated look with a flattering silhouette that screams romance without becoming kitsch. A romantic bridal style should drape over your body effortlessly while allowing your best features to shine. 

Forever Soles Romantic Bride Annie

Ellie wears Brides of Melbourne Romantic Tulle Gown

How to create your Modern Romantic Bridal Style for your special day

Creating a timeless look for your special day is easier said than done. However, you can exude romance, elegance and sophistication at the same time with the right choices.

From your wedding dress, shoes down to your accessories, you can create a unique romantic bridal style that will age well and allow your personality to shine.

The Dress

Exuding romance on your wedding day does not mean that you are only limited to traditional dress choices. Keep in mind that if you don't feel comfortable or your best self with a wedding dress, then it's not the right one for you!

However, your romantic bridal look does start with your dress. Decide on what kind of romance you prefer when it comes to your dress. It's important to keep things simple, and only 1 to 2 romantic details in your overall look. 

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you prefer having floral details on your dress, or a flowy/sheer dress material?
  • What kind of silhouette flatters your body shape? Understanding your body type will help you choose the right silhouette, which in turn helps you pick the best wedding dress for you.
  • Do you prefer a dramatic sleeve, off-shoulder, or a sheer sleeve?
  • Would you like to have romantic details on your shoes or accessories, instead of on your dress? If so, choosing a simpler, minimalist dress will ensure that your romantic bridal look is modern, chic yet elegant!

Wedding Shoes

Next, your wedding shoes should complement your bridal gown while making you feel comfortable. 

Here are some elements in a romantic style wedding shoes to choose from:

  • Pearl and floral details
  • Shoe material (Satin or velvet looks classy yet romantic)
  • Bows and ankle ribbons
  • Striking color or design (Bold red, metallic gold, emerald green etc.)

Get inspired by our Romantic collection below!

Pearl Flower Wedding Shoes

Romantic Pearl Flower Wedding Shoes
Blue Melody Pearl Flower Wedding Shoes
Forever Soles bride Ines wears Melody Ivory Heels

Our Melody Heels in Blue and Ivory are the personification of romance on your soles! Adorned with pearl flowers and finished with beautiful bows, these are the perfect wedding shoes to complete your Romantic Bridal look.

Satin Bridal Shoes with Pearl Straps

Willow Romantic Bridal Shoes

Our Willow Ivory Satin Bridal Sandals with pearl straps and pointed toe design is the personification of modern bridal romance.

Striking color with romantic details

True Gold Metallic Wedding Shoes

With a striking rose gold metallic plait and a block heel, our True Wedding Sandals are chic, modern and romantic. 

Romantic Stories Pearl Flower Wedding Shoes

Adorned with hand-beaded pearl flowers, our Stories Velvet Bridal Shoes in ivory are made for the hopeless romantic at heart.


Once you're done choosing your dress and shoes, it's time to add the finishing touches with the right kind of accessories. 

It's recommended that you choose accessories that will complement your look, instead of taking center stage. After all, less is more! Pearl bridal earrings and bracelets are a great choice, as they look elegant yet relevant enough for modern times. 

Romantic pearl bridal earrings
Our Eclipse Pearl Drop Earrings are simply enchanting, making them the perfect accessory to your romantic bridal look.
Eclipse Pearl Bracelet
Adorn your wrists with our Eclipse Pearl Bracelet for the ultimate modern romantic bridal accessory.

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