Posted: Mar 30 2016

Lord howe island wedding

If you closed your eyes and pictured the most beautiful island of your dreams, your imagination would paint Lord Howe Island — even if you’ve never even heard of it! Visually, it’s absolutely everything you’d desire from stunning ocean horizons to sandy beaches to commanding mountainous backdrops. While that’s enough to leave you clicking through flight prices, there’s truly so much more to this haven than meets the eye. In fact, some of the most alluring things about Lord Howe aren’t found in the nature it illustrates, but rather in the rich history and free-spirited vibes it evokes.

The crescent-shaped volcanic remnant, located in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand, is around a two-hour flight from Brisbane or Sydney — but a timeless flight out of reality. If you’re truly after a get-AWAY, this is where you need to go. The world-heritage listed location restricts visitors to just 400 guests at a time, there are rigorous controls on development (sorry, Starbucks!) and the main method of transportation is by bicycle or foot. Cell phones? Forget it! TV? Television is for Netflix, not vacations!

Lord howe island wedding

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By now, you’re probably beginning to understand why Lord Howe is a beloved location for an intimate destination wedding. For a barefoot bride, it’s a fairy tale castle. For an adventurously romantic bride, it’s the Promised Land. Imagine...reciting vows and celebrating with close friends and family whilst nestled between views of soaring twin mountain peaks, breathtaking greenery and a turquoise lagoon. The wedding: free of digital distractions, #hashtags and parking lots. Embracing such a pleasantly isolated atmosphere means that, when it’s time for your marriage events, the mindset becomes tranquil. You’ll think something along the lines of, “Well, everything is either ready or it’s not.” They’ll be no hectic running about on your day to the likes of Priceline for Band-Aids or something blue. You’ll simply breath in and enjoy the full humanity of the bride and groom experience from nerves to love to laughter. 

Lord howe island wedding

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For Forever Soles founder Angie Geurs, Lord Howe Island holds a special place in her heart and soul — her father grew up within its luscious landscape. Thus, we gathered a few words from this man, who knows better than most, what it means to truly experience and capture the beauty that bestows this magical land:

Lord howe island wedding

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 “My isle of dreams. It really does exist. A place where our senses are overwhelmed by the exotic... Where things don’t change, despite a changing world. No mobile phones to distract us from the simple things in life that truly matter. No locks on the door, where love is evident in nature... How do we comprehend that which we cannot? An island of intense physical beauty and exquisite charm... No lights of a big city to blur our perceptions. Just think of the heavenly scent of frangipani and fresh earth mixed with aqua water and golden sands, swaying palms and the cry of native birds overhead. A place of friendship, conversation and companionship... Where bonds are formed forever to focus on each other. When you throw a leigh of hibiscus onto the clear blue water, if it floats to shore, you will return.”

You’re swaying with inspiration, right? This is indeed, paradise. We couldn’t suggest a more peaceful and enchanting place to celebrate the bliss, harmony and eternity of a wedding day.

Bonus: When you do return to the bustling noise of everyday culture, you’ll have more magnificent images than anyone you know — trust us! Photographs can always be posted, but memories only happen in an instant. 

Lord howe island wedding

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Lord howe island wedding

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Lord howe island wedding

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Lord howe island wedding

Lord howe island wedding

Lord howe island wedding

Lord howe island wedding

Lord howe island wedding


Thank you to my gorgeous little sister Ella and her boyfriend Will for sharing their Lord Howe Island holiday snaps with us. Love you both. xox

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Would you consider Lord Howe Island for your destination wedding?


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  • Posted by Athanasios Lasos on February 01, 2017

    Just returned from LHI where I just had married my beautiful wife. This place is heaven. Awesomeness everywhere! And better than your imagination.
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    PS: nice anklet stuff :)

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