Many brides dream of a picture perfect tropical beach wedding (with picture perfect weather) or eloping somewhere special where there is more focus on the two of you and the commitment you have decided to make. A destination wedding can cancel out a lot of the traditional stresses of organising a wedding and bring focus to what is most important. Great destination weddings aren't always the easy way out though; they're the result of some clever planning.

Here is our guide to having your dream destination wedding. 

Plan Early It takes time to prepare a getaway. You and your guests will need sufficient time and money to secure the flights and accommodation. If you want a lot of people to come, give them as much notice as possible so they have time to plan. It's also a good way to limit your guest list if you prefer to keep it intimate. 

Secure The Date The popularity of destination wedding is raising, and dates for weddings get filled up pretty fast. Once you know the location, you'll want to secure your wedding date ASAP. 

Legalities. For details of what requirements will need to be met in order for a marriage to be legal in a particular country, persons wishing to marry overseas should contact the embassy or consulate of the country in which they would like to marry.

Pick a Destination and Location Miles of crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, exotic waterfalls, lush botanical gardens, emerald mountains and picturesque sunsets. So many destinations, so many options! The best wedding location depends on your personality. You should match the perfect location and destination to your personality as a couple. Is there somewhere you both have always wanted to see? Double it up as your honeymoon and tick it off your bucket list!

Check out our HAWAII Pinterest board if this is one of your dream destinations. 

    Draw up a Budget Some locations are more affordable than others... obviously. I know, your heart may be set on the beaches of Costa Rica, but your budget may not allow this. Don't let that keep you from picking a fabulous, unique wedding destination. Sign up to travel deal websites and keep an eye on cheap deals, flights and specials. Also get in touch with travel agents and let them know your plans. They will advise you of the cheaper times to travel. 

    Find local planners. Ask the wedding venue that you have chosen if they can recommend any wedding planners local to the area. It may be helpful to have someone organise the details like your makeup, transport, food/drinks, a celebrant and everything else needed on the day. The other option is for you to research these individual services for yourself. This may be difficult depending on the location with different languages and difficult access to communication. 

    Enjoy Your Honeymoon Here is the best part of a destination wedding. Yep, the honeymoon begins right after the "I Do." You will have all of your favourite people there with you to celebrate one of the most special moments in your life. It will be one special party.

    So in conclusion, planning a destination wedding can be as easy as planning a vacation. No worry about decorating a hall, hiring a band or organising truck loads of wine. It is nice to take the pressure out of your wedding planning and make it fun. A destination wedding allows you to do exactly that.

     We wish you the best of luck with your Destination Wedding planning, and hope this little article helped! Much love, Forever Soles Team. Xx


    Images gathered from Pinterest and some of our favourite wedding sites. See photo credits below images.
    Destination Wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic | Photographer: Asia Pimentel Photography.
    Image from Mermaid Dreams Styled Shoot. Photo by Lauren Metzler Photography.
    Beach Wedding in Tulum, Mexico | Photographer: TEC PETAJA | Sourced: Town & Country Mag.  
    Bride: Cassie | Photographer: Cynthia Rose Photography, Sourced: Ruffled Blog
    Image sourced from Pinterest via
    Image sourced from Pinterest via Islands.
    Stunning Bride Tori Praver. Photo by Maui Maka Photography sourced from The Lane
    Photo sourced from our Pinterest Beach Bride Board. Photo captioned as 'Jessica Lewis Photo'.
    Featured Image via Kasper Creations.

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