At Forever Soles, we're thrilled to present our brand new wedding jewellery collection that's been a year in the making - Paradise. Inspired by the serene beauty of nature, this collection represents a fresh direction for our brand, spurred by numerous customer requests.

{Eclipse Barefoot Sandals}

{Eclipse Bracelet}

{Eclipse Anklet}

The journey of designing this collection started with a visit to my special place, an island paradise in the Pacific Ocean - Lord Howe Island. Here, I drew inspiration from the captivating natural elements, from the crystal blue waters to the vibrant hues of the sky at sunrise and sunset. This island served as my initial muse, reflected in the style names of our collection, but the true essence lies in creating pieces that resonate with brides and make them feel naturally beautiful.

{Capella Necklace}

A standout feature of this collection is our use of pearls. Symbolising purity, love, and harmony, pearls have a timeless appeal and a deep connection to the sea, which is why they hold a special place in our hearts. Our goal is to inspire brides to select pieces that are not just for their wedding day but become cherished keepsakes for the future.

{Sakura Bracelet}

{Sakura Choker}

Quality is at the forefront of our collection's design. Each piece is meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials, including 18K thick gold-plated sterling silver, eco-friendly freshwater pearls, delicate Japanese Miyuki beads, natural stones, and durable clasps. Our focus on quality ensures that your chosen pieces will not only look exquisite but will also withstand the test of time. We specifically sourced our jewellery makers that use an ethical way for using cultured pearls. Although the creation process for cultured pearls is more controlled and as ethical as it can be, they are still natural organic gems. Also our maker uses silver that has been extracted from used metal products is called recycled sterling silver. We are happy that we can use recycled sterling silver in our products. Recycling silver is not an easy process. It is melted down and purified since silver can have numerous impurities after years of use, and professional equipment is required to do the purification. 

{Capella Anklet}

Our collection is designed to be more than mere accessories; it's about finding pieces that genuinely speak to your heart and soul. We aim to empower brides to choose jewellery that enhances their unique style, making them feel like the very best version of themselves on their special day.

{Sakura Choker and Capella Necklace}

As we launch this extraordinary new product direction for our company, we're excited to share our passion with you. Our wedding jewellery collection isn't just jewellery; it's a representation of nature's beauty and a symbol of your love. We invite you to explore this exquisite collection and infuse your wedding day with pieces that will become cherished memories for years to come.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this remarkable collection. Experience the magic of nature through our handcrafted, delicate, and enduring pieces. Visit our website to explore the collection and elevate your wedding day with jewelry that will stand the test of time.

{Capella Anklet}

{Somerset Necklace}

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