Pre-Order: Save Money and the Planet

Overproduction refers to excess of supply over demand of products being offered to the market. This leads to lower prices and/or unsold goods along with the possibility of unemployment (which absolutely no one needs right now!)
Being an online bridal shoe store, we don’t adhere to regular sales calendars, fashion seasons or high fashion trends. We are trying to manufacture a sustainable stock level of classic treasured pieces just for you.
I have never had the time, money or space to stock large quantities of shoes, which is why I have always tested designs and waited for my customers to tell me what they like before I invest in it. I have never had dead stock and rarely have sales, because I am constantly listening and working my production orders around what is desired. I also offer small customisations on certain products which allows some of my designs to be altered. Nothing goes to waste around here! Saving overproduction in fashion manufacture has always been in the forefront of how I produce my designs. I would like to explain exactly how it works.

The way pre-orders work for Forever Soles is, we gather design inspiration from your requests, we launch that design on social media and wait to see which styles are most loved. We hold off placing bulk production orders until we see you have shown enough interest and we get a good idea of what quantity needs to be produced. We have a careful balancing act with stock levels so purchasing your shoes on pre-order allows us to ensure you are getting exactly what you need, when you need it. This way, we are helping to minimise overproduction of wasted shoes together.

Here is the timeline for ordering a pre-order style:

Week 1-3

I launch my latest designs online and list them as ‘pre-order’ styles advising you of a future delivery date. Styles may be available at this point at a discount rate. Shipping can be anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks away depending on when you placed your order.

Week 4-8

We calculate how many units of each size to order for the styles that you like. Producing less of what you don’t like. You as the customer, save money by receiving the one off discount and help save the planet by reducing excess production waste. 
I do have a minimum order requirement to meet with my shoe manufacturers, so in some cases if the style we list is too unique and the order requirement is no where near being met we may make a decision to cancel the design, refund your money, or provide an exchange alternative for you.
On the occasions that I end up with more than necessary of a size or style, I open the design up for a little customisation! I can change the laces, add different ties or ribbons and make small adjustments that can help create a different look to the item! I never want to see anything unloved and go to waste.

Is waiting worth it?

As a bride, waiting for the perfect pair of shoes should be worth it in every way and as a small business, I endeavour to keep making the products better and better for you. The quality will be beautiful and the savings will be beautiful.