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On it’s own, the phrase “glamorous camping” is as much an oxymoron as "healthy cheesecake." Yet, when you put the words together, they create glamping — our favourite travelling trend that combines the luxury of an exquisite resort with the beauty of embracing the outdoors. If you have a natural urge to be apart of nature, but the idea of spending hours in Patagonia and pitching your own tent makes you cringe, then you might have just what it takes to be glamper.  

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From tree houses to yurts to tents, camper vans, tipis and eco-pods, glamping is quickly making a name for itself as a go-to vacation idea with tons of incredible options amongst the most secluded, stunning sceneries. Equal parts rustic and equal parts elegance, glampgrounds provide truly unique experiences, such as sipping wine outside a 5-star Safari tent while elephants graze across the landscape. Yes, we just said 5-star tent! On another note, a quick scroll through Pinterest (where we sourced these pretty inspirational images) and you’ll find there are also lovely, creative DIY ideas that perfectly capture the essence of glamping.

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Our Labor of Love

It’s no wonder destination brides have been turning to glamping! Fabulously adventurous, many glamping specialists offer pop-up packages for weddings, bridal showers, eloping and more. While the price tags range from humble ($$) to diva ($$$$+), there’s a little something for everyone — making it easy to fulfill barefoot bride dreams,  bohemian princess fantasies or forever-memorable journeys in the comfort of the breathtaking wilderness.

Just imagine: you, the earth and style....And you don’t even have to know there's a difference between a bear bag and the act of bearing! It's all about a sense of exploration. Peacefulness. Solitude. A night under the stars. When it comes to glamping, the sky’s the limit!

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Clayoquot Wilderness

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Elephant Watching at Camp Samburu National Reserve

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Nomad Tanzania Greystoke Mahale Camp

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View this stylish glamping wedding above: Christina and Toby.

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