The Birth of Something New! Our Children's Range Launch and our director is having a baby!

Forever Soles is having a baby! (Well, two babies...)

Flower girls. Princesses. Fairies. Little feet. Baby toes. Hormonal deliriums and a rounding bump won out at just the right time. With a synchronicity I feel extremely blessed for, my journey in marriage and business has finally forked together and allowed me to create a new range that I am exceedingly excited about. The collection has been designed with the barefoot flower girl in mind, her inimitable smile as she pauses briefly to look down upon her garnished toes, and the little twinkle in her eyes as they lock with the bride’s.

It feels slightly miraculous to be able to introduce the new range - to have survived the first few years of a new marriage and a new business, not only that, but to have had them thrive and grow. After we were married, Phil and I moved in almost immediately with my parents. Not into their granny flat or a holiday house but really, right smack bang in with them, our bedrooms just feet apart, in a family sized duplex back in my home town. I poured everything I had into starting the business and with Phil spending a lot of time away at the Police Academy It wasn’t exactly the dream!

Unlike the surety with which I married Phil, I spent many moments filled with doubt over the choice I had made. I roped my whole family into my vision. My dad building bridal fair displays, my mum packing orders, and Phil, oh my manly man of a husband, spending many hours with a needle and thread in hand helping me delicately sew shoe embellishments. 

I am so grateful to be in a position today where I can look back at the craziness of the beginning with a feeling of lightness, laughter and nostalgia. I couldn’t have gotten to this point in the journey without my family or my husband, but most of all without you guys.

The joy I have felt in connecting with people over something as momentous and romantic as a wedding day is an honour I don’t take lightly. I hope everyone is as enchanted by the new range as I am and that your flower girls feel like the mini bohemian princesses I envisioned.       

If you have any feedback about the range, or you would like to share this with a friend please let me know! I would LOVE to hear from you.

Angie. xx      


Model: Gracie Davidson - @estheranne
Photographer: @doyouseewhatisea
Ivory Dresses: @teaprincessaust - 
Grey Tutu: @appleberrylane - 

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