@coconutandlime features Forever Soles

We were honored to be a small part of Leana Marie's (@coconutandlime) graduate collection!


Here's an excerpt from her blog:


'The ocean was staring back at her, the salty breeze through her hair & the waves in line with her heartbeat… she felt a connection.'

This collection is not only to be seen but also felt, the colours and flow of the draping to bring about memories, and the overall feeling to allow a connection.. It's a way of finding loved ones in a new way and knitting together my own style and identity with these who have influenced my journey through life.

The butterfly is a symbol of lightness, transition and the soul. It brings about dreams and allows growth to take place. It represents the path I am on and the path my dear mum has now begun. She is there in the bloom of a new flower, the stars in the night sky, the warmth in my hands, a beautiful dream, or a white butterfly…


models - Lisa Carlton, Gabrielle Brown, Amy Steenhuis, Cara Drake & Lana Blizzard
MUA - Alana Waldron  / hair - Jessica Alizzi
necklaces & bracelets - Elizabeth Irvine Jewels
rings - Krystle Knight  / anklets - Forever Soles  / tattoos - Flash Tats


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