5 Unique Micro Wedding Ideas In 2021

With international travel at a standstill, and lavish destination wedding plans out the window, brides-to-be are forced to consider alternatives to saying “I do”. Elopements used to be a great option when travelling to anywhere was the norm, but what about when there are restrictions in place for the amount of guests at your wedding?

Apart from trying to do the right thing by keeping your wedding guests safe at your wedding, you also need to consider social distancing limitations. This means having to whittle down your wedding guest list into a small group of people who mean the most to you.  

If you want to get hitched now without losing the magic of your special day, a micro wedding is a real consideration for couples to walk down the aisle. 

In order to be attractive to couples wanting to get married in the near future, plenty of wedding venues are also offering small and micro wedding packages and special prices. So, what is a micro wedding and should you have one? 

What Is A Micro Wedding?

Enter micro weddings, an intimate wedding that typically does not have more than 35 guests. If you are an old-fashioned bride at heart who also wants a modern, romantic and small wedding, hosting a micro wedding is not such a bad idea!

A micro wedding allows you to honor age-old wedding traditions without all that pomp and circumstance, while you get to personalize and plan your wedding without breaking the bank

Unlike elopement weddings which are sometimes secretive and private to just you and your significant other, hosting a micro wedding might be the perfect compromise for modern couples looking for a meaningful celebration amidst a pandemic. 

Why Have A Micro Wedding In 2021

There are definitely a lot of benefits to having a micro wedding in 2021, including the fact that it is cost-effective and easier to plan for. A micro wedding is an intimate affair that focuses on celebrating the bride and groom’s love for each other, instead of all the fluff that comes with a grand celebration.

If you are more of a pro and cons kind of person, here are some reasons why you will consider having a micro wedding:

Pros of a micro wedding:

  • Flexibility: you can more wedding venues to choose from due small guest list
  • Time-saving: Spend less time on wedding planning
  • Stress-Free: Not having extra guests to cater for at your wedding reception
  • Intimate: Allows a luxurious experience for every wedding guest
  • Budget-Flexible: Cutting cost at your wedding without cutting out the romance

Cons of hosting a micro wedding:

  • Limited guests: As a micro wedding is all about intimacy with a small group of people, you will have limited guests on your special day. If you are a huge fan of a big wedding celebration, the limited number of guests could be a sacrifice on your dream wedding.
  • Can be expensive: Due to its flexibility, micro weddings can end up being expensive if you don’t have a clear budget.
  • How much does a micro wedding cost?

    According to this guide, you can throw a stellar micro wedding from the range of $1,500 to $10,000 depending on your budget. Compared to a traditional wedding ceremony reception that will cost you north of $30,000, a micro wedding is definitely much more cost-effective. 

    For instance, if you are after a simple, micro wedding on a budget in Sydney, a wedding at the Royal Botanic Garden starts from a base price of $1150 for a 4-hour venue hire. 

    5 Unique Micro Wedding Ideas For Australian Brides In 2021

    Before you go ahead and start planning your intimate micro wedding, be sure to check out these small wedding venues and small wedding ideas for creative ideas. You might also want to check out these awesome DIY wedding projects to add personal touches to your wedding day while saving yourself money!

    If you’re ready to check out these 5 unique micro wedding ideas that are perfect for these social distancing times

    1) Backyard Wedding At A Family Home

    Consider saying “I Do” in the backyard of a family home if you are lucky enough to have the space. Either you or your groom will hold this venue dear at heart, which makes it an ideal place to exchange vows and pledge your love for each other.

    There are definitely things you can DIY for a backyard wedding, including the decor for your reception, the wedding guest book and wedding favors. As you already save a lot of money on the venue, you can have a lot more budget for a gorgeous wedding dress, bouquet or even splash out on your honeymoon after your wedding ceremony.


    2) Barn/Shed/Bush Wedding

    Getting married at a barn-style venue is not only a creative and unique way to celebrate your love for each other, it is also an intimate affair that is easy to plan. 

    With a rustic aesthetic that provides a backdrop to your wedding, you might also be surprised at how beautiful your wedding photos will turn out. An example of a beautiful location for your barn or shed wedding is the Forget Me Not Weddings on a working cattle farm in Byron Bay which will provide gorgeous settings for wedding photos and a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony.

    3) Say “I Do” At A Botanical Garden

    Another option for a unique micro wedding is at a beautiful botanical garden surrounded by your friends and family. Not only will you feel love in the air, you are surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery while you exchange your vows.

    From the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney NSW to the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra, there are plenty of good options when it comes to hosting your micro wedding at a botanical garden in Australia. 

    4) Get hitched at a heritage hotel

    Want the urban cool meets old-world charm for your micro wedding? Getting hitched at a heritage hotel is a great idea. A great example of this in NSW is The Old Clare Hotel in Chippendale which features a warm color scheme, the original fireplace as well as charming timber panelling. The best part is, most heritage hotels that offer venue hire for weddings also offer post ceremony dining options complete with cocktails and canapes. 

    5) Have A Classy Vineyard/Restaurant Wedding 

    Having a wedding reception at a restaurant is nothing new, but it is becoming increasingly trendy and popular for modern couples to host their wedding ceremony at a vineyard with a restaurant that has budget wedding packages. Venues such as Fergusson Winery and Restaurant offer COVID-friendly wedding packages that are flexible according to the unique circumstances of each couple. 

    Final Takeaway

    As you can see, having a unique and romantic micro wedding is more than feasible. In fact, opting to have a micro wedding in the near future instead of waiting for a long time to have your dream wedding will save you money and keep your sanity intact! Hopefully the unique micro wedding ideas in this post will inspire you to have the magical and memorable nuptials you desire--and deserve.

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