5 Ways to Plan a 2021 Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

It's safe to say that this year was nothing we've ever anticipated. The pandemic has effectively halted most of our plans, including important milestones like weddings. Luckily, things are starting to look up, which means that if you're anxiously waiting, you can keep your hands and your mind busy and start planning for your special day!

Of course, the pandemic may have put a strain on your supposed budget, and there are things that you'll likely have to change. Being more careful with your expenses and making meaningful cuts is a crucial part of planning your wedding under these circumstances. Thankfully, it's not that complicated to do this!

If you have plans of getting hitched in the next year or so, here are some tips for planning the wedding of your dreams without seriously denting your wallet:

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Reconcile your finances.

Before anything else, it's of utmost importance that you sit down with your partner and reconcile your finances to keep better track of your budget down the line. A Brides article suggests that you should look into three sources: you and your fiance's individual savings, the amount you can set aside from your current income, and any contributions from parents or loved ones.

When planning your budget, both of you should set aside three months of living expenses in case of unexpected emergencies, as well as payments for existing debts like a mortgage or student loans. It's also recommended that you try and set aside up to 10 percent of your earnings each month via direct deposit into a separate account, so it isn't just leftovers that get saved.

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Make compromises where you can.

Since your wedding is an important milestone, you naturally want everything to be perfect. But due to budget constraints, you may not always get to book your dream venue or get your preferred suppliers. Still, that doesn't mean that you can't make things look perfect at a price that's friendlier on the pocket. For starters, you can have your wedding and reception at the same venue and opt for photography or videography students from your local university instead of hiring professional photographers to keep costs down. As mentioned in our post on Cute Wedding DIY Projects for a Bride on a Budget, you can also do DIY projects like shoe embellishments and flower crowns, not only to save money but to customise the event as well.

Another important element to consider is the wedding gown, as it will likely make the biggest dent in your limited budget – good thing you can still look great with a ready-to-wear one! With the right tailor and a few adjustments, these gowns will fit perfectly and can look just as magnificent as a custom gown. Take the extra step and invest in good undergarments, as these will really elevate the look. Bodysuits could be the perfect choice for such formal occasions. They hug the body and accentuate one's figure, especially the kind with built-in shape wear or panel. With a few adjustments to a ready-to-wear gown and this secret weapon, you'll have saved a lot of money for an amazing dress you'll get to keep forever!

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Change the day of the week.

Sometimes, having your wedding on a weeknight or a Sunday can make all the difference. The Spruce's guide to planning a beautiful wedding on a budget points out that this is because there is less demand for these days, so vendors are often willing to be flexible and give you a better rate.

Check with your wedding venue if they can book you at such times and consider jumping at the chance if there happens to be an open slot. And while you may worry that some of your guests can't make it, keep in mind that the majority of them would have plans for any given Saturday as well. Sure, it may take more coordination, especially for those travelling for the occasion, but it's likely that they have had to take a few days off from work anyway.

Track your expenses.

There's no overstating how vital tracking budgets are. You would save yourself some trouble if you started tracking your wedding expenses from the get-go. Vogue suggests that you start by breaking down your estimated costs for each category to provide a template as you contact vendors.

When you sign a contract or send a payment, make it a point to record the actual cost, so you know how close you are to your bottom line. It will also help if you share the doc with your partner to streamline the process.

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Be your own wedding planner.

Having an experienced wedding planner can undoubtedly make your life easier, but they're also quite costly to hire. Consider being your own planner instead. Not only is it easier on the pocket, but the experience can be incredibly rewarding.

Planning the wedding yourself lets you discover what all vendor costs are and get comparisons, giving you full control of your budget instead of just having to rely on the input of someone else, regardless of whether they're a professional or not. Plus, since it's your own wedding, it can be fulfilling as every aspect of the event was decided on by you and your partner, together.


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