Our fav Grace Loves Lace Wedding Dresses styled with our shoes

It's obviously no secret. We absolutely adore Grace Loves Lace!

They have some of the most popular (and most beautiful!) bridal dresses in the world! In fact, a large number of our Forever Soles brides are Grace Loves Lace brides too! We've wrapped up some of our absolute favourite GLL bridal gowns and what shoes we recommend to match! 


Ashlee Real Bride


The dress: Verdelle 2.0
Designed for the wild romantic, GLL's Verdelle 2.0 gown is effortless, yet captivating.


Grace Loves Lace Bridal Gown Verdelle 2.0
Grace Loves Lace Bridal Gown Verdelle 2.0

The shoes: Meadow Heels
The nude suede leather sandals are for the modern, unique and stylish bride. She’s wildly romantic and fun and appreciates sole comfort above all else. 



The dress: Perla.
GLL's Perla is for the free-spirited bride with a penchant for luxury and an eye for detail.


Grace Loves Lace Bridal Dresses Perla
Grace Loves Lace Bridal Dresses Perla
A beach wedding is the perfect excuse to go barefoot in style! 

The shoes:
Summer Espadrilles or our New Mazi Barefoot Sandals



The dress: Hollie 2.0
Holding the title of “The Most Pinned Wedding Dress on Pinterest!”, GLL's iconic Hollie gown sold out worldwide. Now they have introduced the highly anticipated Hollie 2.0 and we are head-over-heels in love!


The shoes:

Isla Nude Sandals.  


Why not go barefoot for the reception with our Barefoot Sandals?

Adorn your soles with jewels and walk with confidence on your special day. They are an elegant addition to any summer attire and add a bit of fascination and surprise to your unique style. 


The dress: Emanuela
Feminine, sophisticated and effortlessly sexy, the Emanuela gown was inspired by the natural beauty with confidence and soul.


The shoes:
Wild Rose Mules

Wearing these uniquely designed bridal shoes, we hope you feel the best version of yourself on your special day.


The Gypsy Queen Espadrilles
The Gypsy Queen Shoes will allow you to be completely comfortable on your wedding day so you can focus on having fun!



The dress: Summer
Classic elegance with total simplicity and out of this world beauty! A signature Grace Loves Lace fitted silhouette, the Summer gown is like a piece of modern art. 

 Grace loves lace Summer dress

The shoes:
Martini Heels



For the ultimate mix of comfort and style, why not skip the heels and go for unique styled flat sandals?



For all Grace Loves Lace Designs, please visit their website here: www.graceloveslace.com


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