How To Choose Your Wedding Shoes To Match Your Bridal Gown

As a bride, it's natural to seek that one-of-a-kind touch for your special day. 

We all aspire to feel extraordinary, from head to toe. 

As you embark on your bridal journey with your loved ones, choosing your bridal shoes is an important aspect of your bridal look. 

We understand that finding the perfect pair isn't a simple task. So, how do you strike the right balance between style and comfort? 

Grace Loves Lace have curated their top tips to assist you in confidently saying YES to the perfect shoes for your big day. 

Whether you envision yourself as a modern-day Cinderella, adorned in a princess-worthy gown, or you're opting for a contemporary bridal look, our recommendations are poised to sweep your prince off his feet! 

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

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Wedding Shoes Timeline  

As you curate your Pinterest board with your favourite inspirations, it's an exciting moment to envision your bridal attire coming to life. 

Many brides-to-be often wonder when one needs to decide on the perfect shoes. 

In fact, there's no need to commit before your wedding dress appointment. However, having a clear vision of your preferred shoe type becomes crucial before finalising your gown selection.

This step ensures your wedding dress train works well with your chosen footwear, sparing you from additional alterations and budget strains. 

While slipping into your wedding gowns, remember to bring a pair of heels or flats that fit the style you envisioned.   

If you have already said "yes" to their dream shoes, feel free to bring these along to your bridal gown appointment. They will certainly assist you in making your wedding dress choice. 

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

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Style and Comfort 

From flat or low to middle or high heels, your possibilities are endless. 

Your special day is your chance to wear what makes you feel confident, happy, and beautiful! 

Of course, prioritising comfort is just as important — after all, you may want to dance the night away!  

Depending on your personality, you might consider opting for two pairs of shoes: one flat and another with moderate or high heels. 

If you're a modern bride who's already tall, go ahead and rock those flat shoes! In fact, flats are trending in 2023, proving that you don't have to go all out to feel stunning on your special day. 

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Dress

When choosing your wedding shoes, always ensure they complement the fit of your dress.  

Alterations may be part of the journey, but trust us, the effort is worth it!  

If you're aiming for a timeless look, we recommend keeping luxury and comfort in mind with a white or sand-heeled design. 

Looking at the Jones Gown from Grace Loves Lace, a modern aesthetic comes to mind. This dress was crafted to flatter the silhouette, proving the idea that "less is more."

Let your shoes narrate your love story! Remember, just like a modern Cinderella, you don't have to wait until midnight to kick them off. These shoes will walk with you through a lifetime, serving as a cherished reminder of your love story.  

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

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Consider Your Wedding Venue and Season 

Whether you decide to tie the knot on a sandy beach or in a chilly destination, those particulars should play a role in your choice of bridal shoes. 

If you're envisioning a beach wedding to celebrate your love story, you should probably consider flat slides. Imagine those romantic strolls along the shoreline with your loved one! 

  • If you've decided to elope, opting for lightweight sandals may be the perfect decision. After all, keeping things minimal and hassle-free is key! 
  • During summer celebrations, open-heeled sandals are the go-to choice
  • Winter weddings tend to call for a stylish pair of boots. Of course, don’t forget to take into account the dress silhouette! 
  • Traditional brides will continue to treasure traditional heels! We certainly haven't overlooked them.

Our advice is to select the fitting heel that compliments your silhouette. 

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

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Choosing the perfect Wedding Shoe Colour 

Daring, distinctive, and bold - that's how every bridal shoe should be.

When it comes to choosing the perfect colour, it could lightly contrast from your wedding dress.  

How about considering a nude-coloured material? This colour might work perfectly for a Chai lined gown. If not, we love an ivory colour.  

While an all-white tone may be traditional and trendy, feel free to add a touch of colour to express your personal style. From green to blue to pink wedding shoe colours, there are so many options to choose from! Your choices are limitless, so don’t hesitate to stand out on your special day.

Let your creativity flow through the choice of wedding shoe colour. We love unexpected touches as they infuse your outfit with an authentic charm! 

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

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Whether you prefer a classical, modern, or timeless bridal attire, authenticity lies in the intricate details, encompassing your wedding shoes, bridal veil, and wedding dress. 

Ultimately, always stand by your choices and choose the dream shoes that truly reflect your style.

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

Grace loves lace and Forever Soles Bridal Shoes

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