SNEAK PEEK: Love Warriors Ibiza with Margherita Calati

When two gorgeous wild at heart souls come together, awesome things happen! We are so excited to share this sneak peek from the most amazing styled shoot in Ibiza. We are thrilled to be a part of this amazing international team! 
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While we wait on the edge of our seat for more photos to be released, Forever Soles caught up with the Photographer behind this shoot, the talented (and gorgeous!) travel wedding photographer Margherita Calati!

From your point of view, what makes a good picture?
I think there are a ton of factors that make a picture the right one. To me, it’s not the technique or the perfect light that make it works. They are important, of course, but they are just a little part of the final result. Feelings, emotions and your state of mind in the moment you are taking the picture, are the most important things. The problem is that most of the time they are out of your control! I worked in stunning places, shooting with the best light of the day and having all I need to take the right picture, but I wasn’t satisfied with it just because I’m not happy in that moment, or the people I was working with were not enthusiastic or excited to be there. I work with people in 95% of the time, so their emotions reflect on me a lot: create a good connection with all the ones involved, from the team to the clients! This will give you the good picture, I’m sure of it. :)

What keeps you passionate about wedding photography?

I deeply love this work, but I have a constant need to grow up with it: I always want to change my habits! Maybe this is my secret to remain passionate and satisfied. When I see that I'm doing the same thing - like working in the same place, taking the same photos - I feel the need to change something in my business. Adrenalin lets me know I'm on the right track!


Is there any advice you would give other couples regarding their wedding photography?
It’s my work and I may come across as biased, but photography (and videography too) is the most important investment for your special day! Your memories deserve it. There’s a huge number of photographers in the world making the choice very hard, but everyone has his or her own style and vision. Don't be afraid to search for the perfect one for you, the one who will share the idea and vision of your wedding!
I’m always happy - and I work really, really better, when people choose me because I take THAT kind of pictures and I do it in THAT way. If they love my style and share my vision and have the same taste, we work as a team and every step becomes easier for everyone!

So if you would like to have an intimate wedding by the sea - for example - search for and choose a photographer who is comfortable with this kind of situation! If the photographer is not comfortable or does not understand the vision of your wedding, he or she will have more difficulties to apply his or her style. For me, I love intimate weddings, I love wild elopement where the most important things are emotions, I love decadent places and the raw nature: this is me and if you are planning to have a huge wedding in a classy and posh venue, then I’m not the best photographer for you! 

Have you been to Australia? If no, where in Australia would you like to visit?
I never been there, but Australia has been on my bucket list for a very long time!! I’d also like to work there and I’m trying to move my business outside Europe and Australia is one of the first places where I’d like to have a wedding! I’m fascinated by the marvels of nature and I’d like to go in Byron Bay, of course, and Sydney too!

Credits for Love Warriors Ibiza:
concept and styling: @beneventplanner 
hand-dyed textile: @beneventplanner 
floral designer: @floraldreamsibiza 
bridal gown: @otaduy 
stationery: @studioalispi 
hair styling and make up: @katygillmua and @bohobeautyibiza 

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