What is your husbands name?

Michael Chiarelli or baaaaaaaaabe as I like to call him ;) 

Where did you get married? 

Ceremony was Elizabeth Beach, and Reception was Pacific Palms Surf Club. This is all in the Pacific Palms area which is 3.5hrs north of Sydney. 

Who created your gorgeous gown?

My gown was from Babushka Ballerina in Sydney. It's a top and skirt and was exactly what I was after! 

What is one word that would best describe your wedding?

Sounds cheesy but we had torrential rain the days leading up to the wedding and we had no idea if we'd be able to have it on the beach like we planned. So when it was 2.45pm I was hauling my bridesmaids out of the house to get to the beach because I didn't want it to end up raining!! And when I was walking down the isle with my Dad I was just so happy and couldn't believe we were actually doing it on the beach!! You hear the stories about how the rain clears right when it's meant to and I just couldn't believe that was happening for us. My Grandma Joyce who sadly passed away a few years ago was DEFINITELY keeping it clear for us from above. 

It really was the happiest day of our lives! I've never smiled THAT MUCH and for that long of a period of time!! At one point during the speeches I started to get a headache at the back of my ears from smiling and laughing so much!!!!

What is the most amazing thing about your man?

The most amazing thing about Michael is that although he's not known to be a huge talker (whereas I am!!), I've never questioned his love for me and never questioned that he'll always look after me and be on my team. He has so many unexpected qualities which I get to see every single day and that's what I love about him. 

  What was the most challenging part of organising a wedding?

The most challenging part for me would have to have been waiting until those final weeks when it's time to make final decisions, lock everything in, and then cross your fingers and hope that everything you organised comes together perfectly. So much of our wedding was DIY and my own ideas so it was difficult to be patient and wait until the wedding weekend to see it all come to light - thankfully we loved it all which was a massive reward for being patient! It's also challenging to know when to stop because I think you see so much on Instagram, Pinterest etc. that you want it all so it's challenging to pick and choose what will work best with the wedding you're going for and of course your budget.



Any funny moments?

Speeches were definitely a highlight - especially my best friend Bella who almost made everyone (and me!) believe she'd brought in our Year 4 teacher who we used to cause mischief to, only to exclaim a few seconds later, "nah just kidding she's dead!!" That had every roaring with laughter because she isn't actually dead but the way it was delivered was hilarious! Classic Bella! 
Also my partner being a Manly Sea Eagles fan, when he found out they'd won their game that night the boys all got him up and tossed him around like it was a footy trip..!!! Then they did it with his Dad..!!! Hilarious videos of it. 
And lastly when Michael's Nonna & Nonno were up at the photo booth getting a photo then prompted to kiss - had the whole crowd watching and cheering them on! 

I could seriously go on - I felt like I was just smiling and laughing the whole night!!!

What was your aisle song?

I love you always forever by Donna Lewis - sang and performed acoustically by local singer Aqwa which was really special.   

What is one scene in the wedding that will forever be in your memory?

The look on Michael's face when I first saw him as I walked down the isle. I could see him trying to hold back the tears and it was a really proud moment in my life seeing him stand there looking so handsome and wonderful ready to marry ME!!! And just walking down the isle knowing every single person was there for us and to celebrate our love - that was a really amazing feeling. 


 How was your experience as a Forever Soles bride?

It was such a lovely touch to have these incredible jewels on my feet - they were so so beautiful!! They tied it in so well being a barefoot wedding and really finished the outfit. My only regret is taking them off!! I wanted to wear them all night and I should have instead of changing into heels which gave me blisters (not from Forever Soles of course)! I want to find another excuse to wear them because they really are so beautiful! 

Credits:  Event Planning & Styling - Your Love Day Events  (   Photographer - Martine Payne Photography (www.martinepayne.comFlowers - Black Fields Flowers ( Invite designs & sings - I Am Kress ( Hair & Makeup -  Carla Mico, Zuleikha Stevens & Sally Carson (,, Catering - Kembali Cafe ( Video - Something Visual ( Live Music - Aqwa (


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