It's been a very big couple of years for Forever Soles, and we would not be where we are without the incredible people who make our shoes!
We believe that the products we sell only tell one part of the story and are excited to share with you, the bigger story behind the shoes and to encourage an interest and understanding of the care and attention to detail that goes into the products we produce. 

The Forever Soles shoes and accessories are designed from scratch in our East Ballina studio and sent off-shore to our suppliers in China and India to be manufactured. The designs go through a quality approval process for several weeks (sometimes months) and are returned to us where the details are adjusted to perfection. Each technical specialist works to ensure the highest quality finish at every step. The shoes are all made by hand in our ethically accredited sample rooms. We only manufacture small quantities for each design, so keeping production in a smaller workshops is necessary for us. We also employ a third party to manage final quality control before all the items ship where they run several tests and pick up any issues before the products make their way to us. They also review the factory working conditions for us and keep us informed with detailed reporting to ensure they are complying to our standards and ethics. 

We are conscious of our ethical impact and choose suppliers that are 100% accredited (SEDEX audited) with their manufacturing process and give back to their workers and communities. 

I have had the opportunity to visit China multiple times and also host my suppliers in Australia on their visits so they could see my business, meet my family and enjoy their time in the Ballina/Byron area. 
On our last trip to visit our manufactures in Shanghai, China I decided to take my little family. It was very important for me to see the working conditions first hand and ensure that the products were all being made in a safe working environment. It was so good to see everyone in person as we spend so much time talking through email. It's nice to enjoy quality time together in person!
I wanted to personally meet the factory staff and the team that we were communicating online with and discuss more about their factory and the working conditions. I wanted to help support their business in the most ethical way possible. My aim is to reduce pollution as much as possible with minimising waste and excess use of plastic/tissue where unnecessary.
We looked at factory audits to ensure our suppliers were running an ethical production company.


We looked at:

Safe manufacturing environment and fair working conditions

No child labour
Fair trade standards upheld
Active reduction of environmental impact
Compliance with all relevant regulatory ordinances. 


My supplier Zoey and I have had the opportunity of working together for nearly 10 years now. We had the opportunity to meet her children and enjoy traditional food with them.  
We spent the week visiting each supplier for our jewellery, shoes and bags. It was an incredible experience and one that I wanted to share with my customers.

We are always learning, improving and keeping connected to the newest ways to manufacture and bring you the best possible products. As a small family business, we are truly focused on creating beautiful, affordable pieces that can be treasured by our customers.

Your shoes are made with love and care and consideration for our planet. The people and families behind Forever Soles are supported by your purchases. 

With love, Angie x