11 Show-Stopping Wedding Outfit Ideas For The Daring Bride

A daring bride will never shy away from stepping out of her comfort zone. If you're the type of woman who isn't afraid to take risks, we've got some show-stopping wedding outfit ideas for you! From a lace dress that is covered in petals to unconventional dark wedding outfits with strategic cutouts, these 11 outfits are perfect for any confident bride.

Statement bridal style

11 Show-Stopping Wedding Outfit Ideas For The Daring Bride

Want to be the centre of attention and make an announcement wherever you appear on your wedding day? Before you choose the ultimate wedding outfit that does the trick, let's get one thing straight: sexy and daring does not necessarily mean sleazy.

A show-stopping wedding outfit for daring bride doesn't have to be daring in the sense of too revealing or taboo. It can simply be daring because it's unexpected, creative, and bold.

If you're ready to own your wedding style and be daring in your outfits, take a look at these 11 show-stopping wedding outfit ideas for the daring bride.

1. Be an unconventional bride in black and white

Wedding dresses are traditionally white, so why not go the opposite direction and choose black instead? This daring dress idea is perfect for a modern bride who doesn't want to follow the same old rules.

Black wedding dresses can be classy yet eye-popping at the same time. The daring bride can choose to daringly bare skin with strategic cutouts, or she can opt for a more conservative gown by wearing black lace and long sleeves.

If you're feeling extra adventurous, top your black wedding dress with a statement accessory such as a large, white feather fan or a daring veil.

Another daring way to wear black is with red lipstick and dramatic eye makeup. Pair this look off with tattoo jewelry in the shape of wings for an unforgettable wedding-day look that will make you feel like an ancient goddess.

Bold color choice for the statement, daring bride

2. Dare to bare: choose dresses with a plunging neckline, back or both

Another way to create a show-stopping daring wedding outfit is by flaunting your best assets. Whether you choose to bare your back, front or both, daring necks and backs are daringly sexy.

You can wear a plunging neckline in the front of your dress, choose fit and flare silhouettes or daring sleeveless gowns with high slits up their skirts to create an eye-catching, statement bridal style.

If you're daring enough to bare your back in a strapless gown with some strategically placed straps, go for it and feel confident because of the high neckline that covers up most of your skin.

Dare to bare some skin as a statement bride

3. Flaunt your statement bridal heels

Want to make a statement with your soles instead of your wedding dress? Create an eye-dropping bridal look by flaunting your pearl studded or unique pair of wedding heels that will make heads turn everywhere you strut!  

Pearl Mule Statement bridal shoe

Tan wedding shoes with silver studs

4. Don't be afraid to choose lace with barely there layers, eye-popping slits or cutouts

Want to go all out and make a statement with every part of your wedding dress? Be bold and choose a barely there bodice, complete with high slits to show off your legs or cutouts on the side of your waist. These gorgeous wedding gowns sure make a statement and announces your presence whenever you enter a room on your wedding day!

Gorgeous near see-through bodice and high slit wedding dress for the daring brideImage from elle.com.au

5. Satin sheath and strapless dresses pack a daring punch

Want to create that sleek, daring look on your wedding day while channeling the old Hollywood charm? Choose a satin strapless dress for an eye-popping ensemble on your special day.

Satin dress with a small train

Image from 

 6. Keep it short, sweet and sexy

Your wedding dress does not need to have a train with cut-outs to be daring. In fact, you can easily be an unconventional bride by going against the grain and keeping it short and sweet! If you think wearing a short dress for your wedding gives you limited options, check out these show-stopping brides below:

Short and sweet daring wedding dress

Image from noivaansiosa.com

Beaded short wedding dress for the daring bride Image from tweedrose.com

7. Think couture with long-sleeve and a statement collar

When it comes to making a statement with your gown, a fashion-forward, haute couture style wedding dress will do a phenomenal job! Long-sleeve wedding dresses can also be surprisingly show-stopping, given the right amount of elegance balanced with sexy thigh-high slits and a gorgeous neckline.

Statement long sleeve wedding dress with unique cutting

Image from itakeyou.co.uk

8. Be daring with a plunging neckline, cutouts or asymmetrical sleeves

Feeling extra bold and want to bring your statement bridal style to the next level? These unique gowns are all about daring plunging necklines, sexy cutouts, as well as extravagant ruffled sleeves to make a bold statement for your out-of-this-world bridal look.

Asymmetrical neckline with unique, statement cut out        Image from brides.com
Plunging V-neck and high slit wedding dress

 Image from brightdrd.com


9. A gorgeous two-piece is better than one

If showing too much skin is not really your style, you can still turn heads with a two-piece dress, or even pant suit. It's perfect for anyone who wants to bare their midriff yet remain classy without looking sleazy.

The daring bride can choose to be subtle or she can go bold by wearing a dress that is covered in petals -- which makes it the perfect choice for those who are not afraid of being different.

 Grace loves lace two-piece midriff baring dress

 Image from brit.co

10. Choose sheer to shed tradition

If in doubt, go for a chiffon skirt with a delicate yet daring bodice. Since last year, brides have been walking down the aisle in sheer and almost naked wedding dresses that are more jaw-dropping, and revealing than ever before!

These risqué wedding gowns all boast very little fabric in order to push the envelope when it comes to modern bridal style. However, with a little confidence and a bold attitude, you too will pull off these unconventional wedding gowns while you strut your stuff down the aisle.

Risque, daring chiffon wedding dress

 Image from yahoo.com

11. Swap your gown for pant suits instead

Last but not least, if you're ready to go big with the whole unconventional bridal look, swap the traditional wedding gown for pant suits instead! You'll be on your way to becoming not just a unique bride, but also a trend-setter in bridal fashion.

This pant suit is absolutely gorgeous, fashion-forward and totally daring!

 Image from weddinginspirasi.com

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