Romantic Winter Wedding Ideas For Brides

With the current climate of uncertainty when it comes to weddings, tying the knot during winter is becoming more and more of an attractive option for couples.

Not only is having a winter wedding more affordable, it is also an inherently romantic and unique celebration modern brides will remember for a lifetime!

In this guide, we cover the essential winter wedding ideas to create the ultimate romantic bridal look that will be timeless, as well as giving you an opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Winter wedding style croc boots

Romantic, Unique and Affordable Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are all about the cozy comfort of wearing a warm, down-filled parka rather than worrying about your dress getting ruined in an unexpected rainstorm. This is especially true for couples who want to spend their big day outdoors, even if they are not exchanging vows on the beach or having dinner at a chic rooftop restaurant overlooking the city lights.

Winter weddings also have that unique and romantic flair that goes hand in hand with the season. In order to create the romantic winter wedding bridal look, it is important that the bride looks comfortable and confident in her choice of dress, as well as staying warm.

Ultimately, winter wedding dresses can be extremely elegant and timeless if executed correctly. These wedding dresses are absolute proof that simplicity is key, trendy and will make you the romantic and stylish winter bride on your special day.

1. Ball gown with deep low neck and long sleeves

Vanessa ball gown with glossy fabric perfect for winter weddings

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2. Belted jumpsuit with lace upper bodice

African belted jumpsuit perfect for an early winter wedding

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3. A belted wedding dress with dramatic sleeves

African luxury wedding dress

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4. Whimsical sheer long-sleeve wedding dress

Hayley paige winter wedding dress in the mountains

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5. Lace wedding dress with long-sleeves

long-sleeve lace wedding dress

That is not to say that you have to settle for wedding dresses that end up looking frumpy; instead, it is all about choosing dresses with materials that will flatter you and elevate your body shape. 

For starters, avoid heavy fabrics such as velvet and satin that will end up making you feel uncomfortable and heavy walking down the aisle.

Instead opt for lighter weight materials such as organza or chiffon that are still soft but closer to the body without adding too much volume to your winter bridal look.

On top of that, winter wedding dresses are typically strapless or have a very small amount of sleeves to keep the bride cool, so opt for this style. Alternatively, if you would like to stay warm all day while exuding elegance, long gloves are a great option!

If you're in need of some winter wedding dress inspiration, these gorgeous winter brides with show stopping style will help you out!

Unique winter wedding shoes

One of the ways you can shine as a winter bride is with unconventional bridal booties such as our Pink Sugar Booties and Kiss Boots.

These are great options for your outdoor winter wedding, as well as for the indoor parties that will follow.

Winter bridal look inspiration


Alternate pink booties bridal style


Wearing boots instead of classic heels or flats is a far more practical and less painful choice as you'll be able to dance all night without worrying about your feet hurting!

This is especially true if you want to create a winter meets Western wedding look- our Croc Boots helps you strut your stuff in style in comfort while you dance away into the night.

White croc boots

Alternatively, you can also choose our Emerald Passion Low Heels that are absolutely enchanting to behold. Not only are the emerald colours perfect for a winter wonderland themed wedding, they also go hand in hand with winter fur coats and other cold-weather accessories.

Passion Emerald Heels

Uber-romantic winter bridal hairstyles

Whenever we think about winter weddings, snowflakes and wintery landscapes come to mind, which is why you should opt for a romantic hair style that captures the magic of winter.

For instance, wearing your locks in an up-do or trying out braids are both great choices; this way not only will you be able to stay warm but also create a stunningly unique and beautiful hairstyle!

In need of some romantic winter bridal hairstyle ideas? Check out these hairstyles that ooze all kinds of winter romance.

1. Less is more - opt for the classic chignon for your winter wedding hairstyle

Simple classic bun winter bride hairstyle

2. A messy updo at the nape of the neck can also be really romantic!

Forever Soles' real bride Jorey wears it elegantly for her outdoor winter wedding

Forever Soles real bride Jorey's winter wedding hairstyle

 3. Add romance with winter florals as an accessory

4. Forever Soles' bride Rhian wears her hair down with romantic braids 

Romantic braided hairstyle for winter weddingFinal Takeaway: Romantic winter wedding in 2021

Tying the knot in 2021 is still possible, especially by choosing a winter wedding celebration. As you can see, an intimate yet timeless winter wedding can be equally as stylish as a summer beach wedding, if not more romantic. There are plenty of options when it comes to your winter wedding dress, shoes and hairstyles that will help you create a memorable, once in a lifetime wedding!

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