So, we all blinked and then the evitable happened: it’s officially 2016. The holidays are over (*sigh), and if you’re in the throes of wedding planning, that means you’re back to the drawing Pinterest boards. While there are a few fads we’re hoping to say goodbye to with the end of 2015 (we’re talking to you, barns), there are a slew of swoon-worthy wedding trends we cannot wait to see more of. From the looks of things, it’s going to be a year full of unique personality and creativeness. As far as popular styles go, we love the idea that modern doesn’t have to mean minimalism. We hope this list helps you better sift through the tulle-filled marketplace to find wedding ideas that are right for you. There’s so much to consider before the bubbly gets popped! Happy planning!


Not to harp on Pinterest here, because as we all know, it’s an amazing and convenient source for inspirations and examples. The keyword here is, however, inspiration. Yet over the past few years, brides seem to have OD’d on Pinterest replications. For 2016, we’re ready for more originality down the aisle, such as random touches incorporated from childhood memories or even inside jokes. Couples are realizing that the picture-perfect image doesn’t make up for the personality and fun they’ll have with their guests when they put their own spin on things. Read: Don’t copy, recreate! [Image via Laura & Brent]



You never thought you would use the word “sparkle” so much in your life until you started talking about your wedding, right? That’s because, no matter how rustic your style might be, a day of romance isn’t a day of romance without a little bling. Rose gold has been steadily popping up everywhere from fashion accessories to tableware to décor and even icings! Delicately incorporating the rosy metallic will give you a modern shine without the dreaded risk of over-glitzing. We particularly love the copper-and-gold combo paired against the luscious foliage of outdoor weddings — so much better than silver! Also, while we’re on the subject of colors... fluffy pastels (a la pale pink, grey, crème, etcetera) are out. Richer, more luscious jewel tones are in, and yes, they go flawlessly with rose gold.



Not only is there a strong sense of individualism in the air this year, there are also light bulbs. Literally. Hang them from the ceiling, from a tree branch, whatever. With floating bulbs, over-the-top fairy lights are no longer necessary. You can even mix-and-match the designs and sizes from large and small rounded shapes to diamond-like pendants. They don’t call it a light bulb idea for nothing!



Succulents. Ferns. And leaves... Oh my. From bouquets to centerpieces, brides are loosing the petals in favor of greenery. This trend is really relaxed, but still brings elegance to the table. Flowering plants and blooming branches — think flowering quinces or cherry blossoms — are also quite cool alternatives to bountiful flower arrangements.



Because, who doesn’t like brunch? As weddings stray more and more from formalities, couples are getting really into “quietly impressive” vibes. The brunch wedding can be delightfully cozy without feeling too intimate, and is great on a budget. Mimosas for everyone!



Tying the knot is a leap of faith. The horizon to the rest of your life. The ultimate journey of a lifetime. Ah! So many metaphors! The thing is, not everyone resonates with traditional bridal motifs. These days, i.e. the era of GoPro and #extreme #adventures, we’re seeing a wave of destination weddings that take things a bit farther than beachside piña coladas. Enter the likes of rock climbing, snorkeling, hiking, cycling, zip lines, skydiving and horseback riding — it’s all happening. Certainly not for the faint of heart, but memorable and awesome for those who are as in love with adrenaline as they are with each other.



Let’s all take a deep breath, count to three and say this together... Ready? One... Two... Three... Mason Jar. OK great! Now that that’s over, let’s never say it again. Get creative with your décor by going au natural. Concrete, cork, wood and stone are contemporary and chic materials that coordinate stylishly from vintage to pretty to industrial. For more glamorous-ness, try capiz or agate. [some of these images were found aimlessly with love, if they belong to you, please let us know so we may provide proper credit] — Rachel Eleanor Sutton 

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