What does it mean to be a barefoot bride? It is, yes, a bride who literally prefers to be wed shoeless. However, the essence of being a barefoot bride goes far beyond optional footwear. There is personality involved, i.e. a sense of adventure, a carefree sensibility... If you think I’m just laying out analogies for hippies, you’re totally wrong. The biggest corporate executive, or even a footwear designer, could be a barefoot bride! As these types of weddings tend to be beachside, all you really need — deep down — is a profound love for the ocean and the feeling of sand between your toes (and also, an interest in pedicures). If some of these characteristics below pertain to you, then chances are, you just might be a barefoot bride yourself.


This is obvious, but so true! As stylish as you might be, a day of standing and socialising in high heels seems daunting. Even more so, you don’t want to put your wedding party though the same thing. Remember that last bridesmaid experience, standing beside the altar, trying not to fidget while your cousin recited five hours worth of vows... You remember looking across to the men, in their suitable flats, your eyes glazing over as your inner thoughts ranted on feminism... If this is you, x’ing out the shoes is definitely worth a serious thought.



Traditions are not on your to do list! In fact, you might not even wear white. You plan on making a cake out of sushi. If your mom forgets the guestbook, you’re OK with that. You have zero need to fulfill the duties of expectations. (On a side note that’s actually perfectly aligned with this thought, according to “tradition,” an older, unmarried sister must dance barefoot at her younger sister’s wedding, or risk never finding a husband. #ouch)



You’re very much in tune with the mind/body/spirit trifecta. You find Earthing to be an important part of the human experience. Earthing: walking barefoot on soil, grass or sand, or any natural surface such as rocks. Actually, studies show there are positive health benefits that come from the relationship between our bodies and the electrons in the earth. The earth has its own natural charge that connects to us in direct contact. Also, it’s said that horizons release endorphins. Seems like an ocean-side, barefoot wedding is a very nourishing and organic way to start a new journey in your life, huh? — Rachel Eleanor Sutton

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