Bridesmaid proposal ideas


Congratulations you’ve just said “yes” to your love, now it’s time for the party planning to begin, but first you need your squad on board! It's time to pop the question to your ride or die gals with these bridesmaid proposal ideas.
Here are a few of our favourite creative ways to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding, that will be treasured long after they stand with your on your big day!


Ellie Bullen Bohemian Bridemaids


Barefoots for your besties!

This is one for all our beach brides.. finding the perfect beachside shoe can be tricky. Anyone who has endured that 'baby giraffe' walk across the sandy plains, whilst negotiating stilettos can attest! Skip the awkward entrance and go with our  barefoot sandals and anklets! 


Put together the ultimate bridesmaid survival kit!

There is nothing quite like a goodie bag, packed with all the essentials. Better yet, purchase something she can use on the day like our 'Moon Shadow Clutch' or 'Angel Beaded Clutch' and kit it with all the goods. Think mini sewing kit, bobby pins, mints, tissues, a mini bottle of vodka (for that little bit of liquid courage if need be) and don't forget the cosmetics, nailpolish, lipstick and perfume vials. 


Shoes for the big day! 

What says 'be mine' better than a pair of beautiful shoes fit for a wedding day! Take a sneak peak and at your besties shoe size and surprise her with her very own heels for your your big day!  


Shop our bridesmaids shoe collection here. 


Every proposal should come with some jewellery to seal the deal! 

If you want your ' bridesmaid proposal' to capture all those feels - say it with accessories!  Select a special piece that can be worn on the wedding day and cherished for ever after! 


Shop our Halo earrings for your favourite girls here.  


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