Fun and Unique Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon

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Fun and Unique Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon! 

When you’re planning a honeymoon to celebrate your upcoming wedding, it can seem like everyone is doing the same things. If you and your fiancé are ones who like to go against the grain and mix things up, try looking for something more unique and unusual than the typical honeymoon. If you need some inspiration, check out these fun honeymoon ideas!
Visit down under
Australia has so much to offer for a different honeymoon experience than just going to Hawaii or the Carribean. For example, somewhere like Byron Bay could be a great option for your honeymoon if Australia is your destination. When you visit Byron Bay, you can spend your days at the beach, go shopping around town, or take in the art and culture surrounding you! If you’re looking to spend most of your time on your honeymoon outdoors, check out the national parks Byron Bay has to offer, like Nightcap National Park or the Broken Head Nature Reserve. Take in the local wildlife, have a picnic for lunch, and experience something new!
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Take a cruise
Who doesn’t want a honeymoon where everything is taken care of the minute you book? Take a luxury cruise for your honeymoon and rest assured that you won’t have to think about a single detail besides enjoying yourselves. Hang by the pool all day and soak up the sun, feast on all-inclusive meals and drinks, and enjoy the on-board entertainment that the ship has to offer. Pack lots of sunscreen and bathing suits, as well as outfits for when you want to enjoy a night out. You’ll be able to lay low during the day and party at night for whatever fits your personality!
Enjoy a weekend at the spa
If you’re looking to take relaxing to another level on your honeymoon, book a long weekend at a spa of your choice to destress after planning your amazing wedding. Set up spa treatments for you and your new spouse to enjoy over the course of the honeymoon, including couples massages, facials, and even pedicures. Couple spa treatments will be a way for both of you to unwind together and come out of the experience feeling fully refreshed. In between treatments, have a romantic meal together, take a walk, or even just hang out in your hotel room together. Use the whole weekend to relax and enjoy each other’s company.
Go to a big city
While everyone is enjoying beach honeymoons, maybe a big city is more your style! If you two are more apt to a vacation that allows you to be on the go, you might enjoy a honeymoon packed full with the city life you might not get in your day-to-day life. You can, of course, travel to New York City and explore the sites or go on a number of romantic dates. Go to Toronto and enjoy the amazing food and hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re looking to visit somewhere different, look into a trip to Hong Kong to expand your culture and experience new things as a couple.
Stay local
While staying closer to home might not sound like much of a vacation, if you’re on a budget for your honeymoon, it might be the perfect option for you! While traveling to somewhere nearby seems a little lack luster, there might be places in your local town that you wouldn’t have thought of. Everyday life can often get in the way, so using your honeymoon to explore nearby destinations might be the perfect way to get in touch with where you live! Be a tourist in your own town and visit local landmarks, enjoy the museums, and eat at the restaurants you haven’t had the chance to try.
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