The Best Time to Purchase Your Shoes for Your Wedding

When you get engaged, you'll probably prioritise finding the perfect wedding dress, but don't forget you'll also need some stunning wedding shoes that reflect your unique style and personality and keep you comfortable for a very long day on your feet!

Understandably, purchasing your wedding shoes may raise a few questions, such as when you should purchase your wedding shoes, can you purchase your wedding shoes before purchasing your dress, and if purchasing your shoes last minute is a bad idea?!!

If you're worried about timing and want to be prepared for your wedding, this guide will go over the best time to buy wedding shoes!

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So When Should I Buy My Bridal Shoes?

OUR HOT TIP: You should purchase your bridal shoes several months before your wedding!

Why is it critical to purchase your bridal shoe months before your wedding you ask?.... well these are our reasons below.

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Purchase Your Heels Before Your Dress Fitting!

Matching your shoes to your dress may not seem like a big deal if you wear a floor-length gown. However, if you are striving for a flawless, coordinated look on your wedding day, and if you intend to take some cute photos of your wedding shoes, it is a good idea to choose your shoes 1st because your shoes will decide your height and the dress length on the day.

If you're planning on wearing block heel bridal shoes, make sure the dress still reaches the floor. If you're going barefoot, make sure your feet are covered, so they don't become the focal point of your outfit. If you don't, your dress will be too long or too short, which will not be ideal. 

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Please make Sure They Are Comfortable Wedding Shoes

You should purchase and try on your shoes as soon as you find your dream shoes and then receive them. Sizing varies by brand, just like clothing, so don't assume your usual size will fit perfectly. We can't emphasise how essential it is to get the right fit, so try them on at various times of the day, check the fit, and make sure you're comfortable with the heel height. Forever Soles Bridal Shoes are well-made, they shouldn't need to be broken in, but if they're a little tight and you have a wider foot, keep in mind that leather and fabric bridal shoes will stretch a little during wear, so you may want to have a little walk around the house in them. You can also read more on stretching your leather shoes for comfort.

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Ensure Your Wedding Shoes Are in Stock

Another consideration is whether the business you are purchasing your shoes has everything in stock or if they must be ordered. We often sell out of our best sellers faster than we can get them back in, so find out ahead of time and order in enough time - we suggest adding a couple of weeks to the lead-time to be safe. So, if you have found the perfect wedding shoes, what are you waiting for? Buy them before they sell out!

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Purchase a Spare Pair for The Party!

Wearing heels all evening isn't going to work for anyone, and walking around shoeless may not be an option depending on where your reception is held. Instead, choose a pair of wedding flats which are comfortable to wear all day. Put on a luxurious pair of wedding booties to channel your inner princess for the ceremony. 

Tip: however, if you go from a three-inch heel to a flip flop, your evening gown will be too long and drag on the floor. To ensure that your dress looks great all day and all night, choose a shoe that you will be comfortable in all day and all night! 

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Can You Change Your Shoes?

Finally, although it is best to buy your shoe weeks before your final dress fitting, a bride can change her mind, and if you decide that you don't like your low heel wedding shoes and prefer wedding wedges, you can change! In addition, many companies keep their collection in stock and can deliver relatively quickly within a few days.

The only thing to make a note of is that your dress-maker will have already altered your dress to accommodate the height of your shoes, so try to find a new pair with about the same heel height. If you want to change the height, contact your wedding gown shop to see if they can fit you in for another fitting (this may come at an additional cost, so make sure you love those new shoes!).

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All the best! Please reach out to our team if you need any help! 

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