15 Things All Brides Regret After Buying Their Wedding Shoes (and how to avoid them)

We know there are plenty of to-do’s on your wedding list, but your wedding shoes can make or break your day! Finding the perfect wedding shoe is equally exciting to falling in love with the perfect wedding dress, but like love, it takes time and effort.
At the end of the day, your wedding shoe has a big role to fulfil. Not only do you have to love them, but you also have to want to wear them for almost an entire day! 
So how do you find the perfect wedding shoes? We made the search for your sole mate easier! Here’s a list of major wedding shoe mistakes and how to avoid them!
1. Waiting until the last minute to find the shoes
While it’s ideal to find your dress before buying your wedding shoe, you should be considering them around the same time—not just because you need to figure out how to match, but because you will need the shoes for dress fitting and alterations.If ordering online, make sure the company has a great return policy before making a purchase! You will also need to take into consideration the amount of time it takes for shipping.
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2. Shoes that don't match your dress


It is best to buy your wedding shoes before your dress fittings. The shoes you choose will play a large part in your overall look. Maintaining a consistent style is important if you want to look your best!
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3. Not considering your venue

Just as you check the weather to make sure you’re wearing the appropriate footwear before venturing outside every day, do not to forget to consider the venue when selecting your wedding shoes! The wedding venue will influence how much heel you should wear (or if you're wearing heels at all) since trying to look graceful while walking through sand on a beach is much more difficult in heels than strolling down an aisle in a church. 
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4. Not trying even after you buy

As long as your shoes are returnable, try them on at home (preferably indoors on a clean, carpeted surface). If you are not able to stay standing on your feet with them for at least an hour, they are probably not a good option for you.
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5. Not prioritising comfort

Most brides tend to put a major focus on the style, which is of utmost importance (especially if you have a shorter dress or a longer slit and your shoes are exposed!), but if your feet are so in pain that you need to get those shoes off in order to enjoy yourself…well, what is the point of having them? A big mistake brides make is not prioritising comfort and nobody wants to be walking around with dirty blistered feet at the end of the night! Not very classy.

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6. Not wearing them in

New shoes can pinch and cause soreness from rubbing. Put them on and practice a few weeks before the big day! By doing this, you will feel where the shoe is causing any rubbing and give you time to make any adjustments and stretch them out some more.
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7. Not bringing a spare

We strongly suggest you pack a footwear survival kit! Things like band-aids and gel inserts may help with blisters caused by dancing. Stuff happens: heels break, your shoes can make your feet hurt, or you may want heels for photos but sandals for dancing. In any case, bring a spare pair of shoes just in case. Adding foldable flats that fit inside a purse are a great option!

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8. Get the right size

When trying on wedding shoes, make sure you try on several sizes to see which one fits you best. It does help to measure your feet! The best way to do this is to stand on a ruler or tape measure and take the measurement from the very back of your heel to the tip of your biggest toe. Keep in mind we all have two different size feet, so you might want to measure both and go with your biggest foot! If you're buying online, do not be afraid to reach out and ask for the inner sole measurements of the size you desire!  We all know what our shoe size is, but this is one pair of shoes that we want to get right so instead of just hoping for the best, really do check the inner sole measurements of the shoes.

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9. Not making sure they are secure

The best thing you can do is pick a shoe with a secure heel hold or a strap that will help it stay on your foot. If you have chosen to wear heeled shoes higher than you normally would, then we would highly recommend purchasing a strap shoe for comfort. Remember, you want a pair flexibility as well as stability!  If you don't know what to look for in a secure shoe, look for ankle support which could look like this: 


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or a strap that looks like this:

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10. Checking your dress fabric

If you are wearing a long wedding dress, you may want to think very carefully about the style of your wedding shoes. We would advise you to take a piece of fabric similar to that of your wedding dress and run the piece of fabric over the shoe and see if it catches! This will save you from a potential disaster on your big day! After all, we spend a fortune on our wedding dress the last thing we want to do is come away with tears and rips in our precious gown. This will be an item you will cherish for the rest of your life, or you may intend to sell it in which case the value will be severely decreased if it has snags in the fabric.
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11. Skipping the feet pamper 

Give your feet a bit of TLC! Happy feet makes a happy bride! Whether you go to a spa or DIY at home, a pedicure is not only a luxury you deserve for your wedding day, but a must if you’re going barefoot, wearing sandals, wearing peep-toe heels or wedges, or even if you’re wearing closed-toe (you’ll still want your feet to look nice for the beach on your honeymoon). Also, something that you may not consider is that you will have a wedding photographer following you around on your special day and the last thing you want is a close up of your scruffy un-pampered feet as you're slipping on your beautiful wedding shoes.

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12. Heel height

Sometimes bigger is not better! Unless you're used to high heels, don't go there! The last thing you want is your ankles snapping while you twirl around on the dance floor. Remember to choose what makes you feel both fabulous and comfortable. 

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13. Shop around! 


To avoid both waiting until the last minute and finding your wedding shoe too early, you’ll want to set aside a lot of time to browse websites or hit the stores. You can narrow down your search to a select few that may or may not be available when it comes time to make your purchase. 

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14. Not getting shoes you can wear again

Instead of spending money on wedding shoes that will end up sitting in the closet and collecting dust, invest in a style that you can wear beyond the ceremony! Whether your big day is a black-tie affair or a casual event on the beach, there's a pair of shoes that's sure to win your heart.

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15. Choose the wedding shoes for YOU

White wedding shoes, while lovely, are not a requirement. You don’t have to wear white shoes just because you’re the bride (unless you want to, of course)! You should always pick the kind of shoes you’ll want to wear — not based on what you think you’re supposed to wear. Don't be afraid to choose a pop of colour or something that matches your personality. You’re allowed to be comfy and your feet can still look cute whether it's in boots, flats, high heels , or even if you skip the shoes and go barefoot! 

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