Newly-wed Brooke sent through these amazing pics of their Sorrento wedding in January and we just had to share!

Brooke mentioned that the dreaded-by-all-brides big R came to visit their wedding, but hey check out those smiles in those gorgeous photos.

No one can rain on this parade of love. Here's a quick chit chat we had with this lovely Forever Soles bride!

Was your wedding day everything you had hoped for?

Yes! it was but in a completely different way. We originally had planned an on the beach ceremony..I was coming via a boat down the pier..the whole deal, but the one R word dreaded by most brides decided to make an appearance... Rain! It rained and continued into the afternoon. So with an hour until the ceremony we decided to relocate it to where the reception took place. At the time I admit I freaked out, but once the decision was made and I walked down the Aisle and saw my hubby to be I'm telling you honestly nothing mattered but us. 
Which just proved no matter how much you plan for things don't always go 100% right and you just have to go with the flow sometimes and that things happen for a reason..and at the end of the day no matter what happens you still get to marry the man of your dreams at the end of the day..and if it rains make your own sunshine! In our case as soon as the ceremony begun, the rain stopped and the sun actually made an apprearance! Looking back we could not have hoped for a better day. The Things that didn't go completely perfect ended up the aspects of the day we cherish the most.

Hubby and I always wanted a relaxed, cocktail style wedding near the ocean (our fave place) with the best dance floor and we can definitely say we succeeded!

What is the most amazing thing about your man?

Might be a little bias but so many things. He has this amazing ability to make me calm and without a word can tell how I am feeling/thinking and always has the best solution and advice! He brings out my inner child too when I can become too serious..he's a real jokester! But most importantly he has shown me that the unconditional, can't live without, huge love you see in movies exists In real life! you watch it and dream one day you would be that leading lady...and once you experience it first hand reality totally outweighs any movie love story.

He's definitely my greatest achievement and most prized possession!

Where did you get married? Was it carefree and easy getting married at the beach or were there hurdles you had to face with organising everything?

We got married in Sorrento. We wanted a beach side venue and we originally booked the Baths Sorrento, but tragically they burnt down mid last year. The errie thing is that the day before it burnt down Dave and I went there to see a wedding set up and after walking on the beach found a venue for a drink (All Smiles Sorrento) Well we absolutely fell in love it and after sitting watching the 180 degree views and crashing ocean waves, couldn't leave without agreeing we needed to have our reception there. We swapped that day and heard about the Baths on the news the following day! Had someone looking after us above that's for sure!

Any funny moments?

We had a couple on the day, half of our flowers got lost in transit (I had handing mason jars full of flowers as well as another decoration for the arbour...whoops! Also Daves dad was the Kombi driver and he got lost picking us up so were were a little late in the end, but we just stir him up each time we see him. We also forgot the pageboys sign that read "it's okay ladies I'm still single" at the house he wasn't very impressed so we had to bribe him all the way to the ceremony as well as after ;P

What was your aisle song?

The girls went down to Landon Austin- once in a lifetime

I went down to - Ellie Goulding- how long will I love you

Signage - John Mayer cover - xo

Then we played here's to you Mrs Robinson when prob cored husband and wife :)

How was your experience as a Forever Soles bride?

Amazing! I could not reccomend them more! I wasn't sure which one to choose before I made my purchase so I emailed and had a promptly and very helpful reply. The delivery time was accurate too and the quality was unreal! I had so many comments on our barefoot sandals and really captured my personality. One of a kind, playful and stunning addition to our wedding! We cannot thank you enough Foreversoles! Keep up the amazing work and shining that brigh light of yours!


Has anything changed in your relationship with your husband now that you are a wife?

Mostly no it's stayed the same amazing relationship we have had for the last 6 years, but Dave and I have noticed weird things that happen Like I will start saying something and he will have been thinking of it or I'll finish his sentences...this amazing whole new connection emotionally and I guess spiritually. We are still the same people though and in my vows I did promise to never stop hiding avacado under his vegemite toast or eggplant in the stir fry...he accepts my crazy Naturopath ways ;P

Any advice for Forever Soles bride-to-be's?

1)No matter what take time out with each other away from the wedding for at least 10minutes to soak up everything around you and to spend time with your new hubby before you are dragged by other for photos and before you tear up the dance floor.


2) Just because what you had planned doesn't exactly go to plan try not to let it ruin your amazing day that you have worked hard to plan. Nobody is going to know if your cake was supposed to be different. Your guests are here to celebrate with you not judge you..more importantly don't be hard on yourself! Make your own sunshine!


3) Let others come to you. Don't feel obliged to get around to everyone they will definitely come up to you don't wanna miss shaking to Beyoncé when it plays!


4) Most importantly and relevant to me and my Naturopathic background is to look after yourself leading up to the day but also during it. Make sure you are eating regularly and its nutrient dense and that you getting enough sleep,water and enjoying hobbies your live outside the planning e.g walks, painting...knitting even whatever it is! Also pack rescue remedy in your handbag and try to do stress minimising exercises whatever works for you :) 

Xoxo Brooke 

Thank you so much Brooke + Dave for sharing your special day with us!! 

Brooke wears our Silver Enchanted Barefoot Sandals xox.

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