Kathleen & Brad


Photography by Yellowbull Media

How was your experience as a Forever Soles bride?

We have a lot of colour in our home and lives and loved the style of Halcyon House as a character in our wedding planning. Brad selected a red and blue check fabric for his wedding jacket, and from there, I knew that Ruby Slippers would be the beginning and end of my bridal story and had seen the Passion Heels from Forever Soles.

Which shoes did you wear for your wedding?

I originally purchased the Passion Heels in ruby red, both the high and mid-heel, so that I could try both, but I settled on the mid-heel. Brad is very tall, but ultimately, I chose for comfort without compromising on style, beautiful fabric, and quality construction. I then returned the higher heel without any issues. 

What was your favourite thing about your shoes? 

Our wedding day song was Everything by Michael Buble, and I have to say, the Passion Heels are also EVERYTHING! They're such a beautiful ruby red, the gold sole is well-padded and luxurious, and the wrap style adds a fun kick.

How did you and your husband meet?

Brad and I share a modern love story, meeting online and going for a gin and tonic at Uncle Mings to see if we got on as well in person as via a couple of chats. The rest is history!

How long have you been together and how did he propose?

We had been together for a year before he proposed on New Year's Eve in 2020 at the top of Long Reef Headland, which is close to where we live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I'm a jewellery designer, so he even bought a 'burner' moissanite ring, so there were no style challenges!!

What is the most amazing thing about your man?

Brad is kind and intelligent and exudes a quiet confidence. I love that with me, he also has this 'now or never' quality as he wants us to share an amazing life. He kissed me on our first date, just went for it as I was getting into the cab; he keeps surprising me like that too, he puts his heart into everything for us.

How would you describe your elopement in one word?

Magical. We got ready together, walked out together, and really shared the moment.

What is your favourite memory from your day? 

We watched both the sunrise and sunset together that day. I had practiced and planned to do my own hair, makeup, and nails, so being up early was wonderful. 

Brad went for breakfast on his own to finish off his vows and then returned with scrambled eggs and coffee for me at 7:30 am, which was my halfway mark, signaling time for hair and finishing touches. 

I wore my favourite Camilla kaftan as my getting-ready outfit, and we then went to our suite to dress before the photographers arrived at 9.30 am.

We had a one-bedroom suite on the ground floor booked for a couple of nights as our space for the ceremony and my sister and her family, who were our witnesses, to use on the day so that our bags and my makeup, etc was hidden away in our own room to avoid having to tidy anything up after getting ready. 

The morning was such a lovely moment to share together, without separation and all the noise and opinions of others; I'll never forget how peaceful it made me feel.

Where was your location? What made you choose this location?

Halcyon House had always been on my radar as a beautiful location for a getaway, and when we decided to elope after covid, I showed it to Brad online, and any other option paled in comparison. We love the opulence and boutique style of the hotel as well as the beachside location.

Who created your gorgeous gown?

Rebecca Kaye. She specialises in ball gowns and wedding dresses and was recommended by Saigon Fabrics when I selected the French lace and satin.


You're a wife now! How does it feel to finally tie the knot?

It was a wonderful experience and we reminisce about funny things like our bad posture in some photos and the sunscreen that turned white on Brad's head after the ceremony, so many little things that added up to creating our perfect day! As I also designed my own engagement ring and our wedding rings together with the earrings I wore on my wedding day, these are moments and pieces I'll treasure forever as well.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We spent the week at Halcyon House for both the wedding and mini honeymoon. We had deferred other travel plans to Japan twice due to covid and spent September this year there to celebrate fully!!

Any advice for our brides-to-be?

Halcyon doesn't 'do' weddings or anything of this nature as it's too much of a disturbance; I'm sure they've had Bridezilla's try and stop people swimming and asking for surfboards to be put away for photos over the years. 

We simply booked a couple of rooms, picked a lawn spot near the beach via the council, and made a reservation for 4 adults and 4 children for lunch. Ok, I showed up in a bit of a wedding dress, but that was it!! 

The staff was wonderful; they gave us a waiter to serve champagne in the suite after our ceremony, which was wonderful. The pics of us on the balcony were taken outside our own room, and we waited for the housekeeping trolley to move along rather than ask for it to be moved 'for' us.

I think I remembered to be a person in a nice dress, I didn't need the world to stop for me, the rest figured itself out  


Video and Photography: Yellowbull Media; Bridal Gown: Rebecca Kaye; Shoes: Forever Soles; Florals: SevenBlooms Casurina; Cake: Jacqui Riley Divine Cakes; Celebrant: Andrew Michael Wedding Celebrant; Groom's Attire: Montagio Custom Tailoring

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